Redpinelabs board #3, wingfoil to efoil

Working on a new efoil board, a bigger one that is easier to learn on.

Build the wingboard in Oct 2021 to learn to wingfoil with. But later got a larger inflatable and smaller hardboard. So wasn’t using this anymore.

The plan is to use the same mast, motor, ESCbox as my other board:

And swap them between the 2 until I build another.

So put it back on the CNC and did a little surgery:


Had to work fast. 90F+ in the garage. Need to get an AC unit installed.

My slow epoxy was getting pretty warm by the time I was getting in the perlply. Hope it turns out!


I know the feeling when the laminating time is running out😄



Not the best layup I’ve done, but should work well! Had a hard time with the peelply and resorted to a metal spatula to pry it up in parts… That is where the scratches come in. But should disappear with a clear coat.

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Cut a hatch out of 1/2 inch plywood.

Waiting for the gemlux friction hinge to be delivered tomorrow.

I had previously used the silicon pour around it for keeping out the water, but people seem to have good luck with EPDM weather stripping as well? Might try that?

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This has worked well for my small screwed down hatch.

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Success! Didn’t have time to test before our road trip. But got a battery of riding in South Dakota.

Did forget the maytech remote, but luckily had brought a flipsky one that hasn’t been used yet. No solder iron with but shortterm fix to twist and tape the receiver wires to the correct connector for the ESC.

Excellent reception. Used a fiberglass and no carbon on the lid and had no problems. Had an expo on the ppm for the maytech, but using only uart. So had to mess with setting on the remote to not have it go crazy fast at low throttle. I wish there was a voltage read

The epdm gasket worked better then my silicon poured seal. Had to pry it loose to get it to release and not a drop of water.