Stoke Foiling - New eFoil Assist

Just came across an ad for Stoke foiling. Looks interesting as they’ve integrated the battery as part of the motor pod. I guess this is okay as it is mounted high up the mast.

Their motor pod is also a universal fit (rubber packers though) and a new remote design.

Priced similar to Foil Drive. Will be interested to see the feedback from people. I see a lot of feedback from people that think the Foil Drive product feels very “DIY”.

Nice to see something different. I wouldn’t want the battery in that location though. I’d want the weight as close to my feet as possible.

The Australian nano VORTEX, sleek looking.

Have you got any links/ photos for the Nano Vortex??

A test by JetSurfingNation (May 2023):


any reports in the wild yet? looks like a nice piece of kit

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Why you want the weight as close to your feet as possible?

So what prevents people from implementing e-foil assist using this way of inlining everything on the mast ?
Weight of the battery is like P42a 70gr 16WH *10 = 160WH 700gr.
Need an effort 3d printing this. But it is feasible, right?
Lets open a thread about it and discuss it!

Keeping the weight as close to feet as possible means it’s closest to the COG and means you are not swinging weight when you pump or turn.

You are saying that it is easier to control the board when more weight is at your feet.
Probably you are talking from experience… I have not ride Foil yet.
I have a few questions though:

  1. Isn’t it it is the lower weight the better - like a battery in a car?
  2. Aren’t you controling the board by moving your center of bodymass?
  3. Does it really make an impact, when 1kg of weight is moved 25cm lower ? (if it would, they probably would not make the product)

I think this is a very poor design for the Foil Assistant, a device that operates at the limit of its capabilities. When the board plunges into the water, this huge torpedo offers strong resistance. And I would really not like to have a battery that is constantly in water, in a case printed on a 3D printer.

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