[Surf n' Destroy] Building a flying sniper rifle case

I am still working on my design, but I was planning to use a similar mounting method, and a cooling pass-thru in the center like this. It also helps with printing the nose cone, as it removes the centermost section that is a bit challenging for the FDM process.


That’s truly german over-engineering :wink: Love the design


What mast are you using in the above?

I’m using Rene’s RL Mast and also the complete RL eFoil Wing Kit (old Version). Just type “RL Mast” or “RL efoil” in the search bar and you will find some Posts about it


Hey guys,
our “Weapon of mass consumption” is entering the hot phase. A passive cooled HGLtech Hi 75/200 Vesc, mounted in a waterproof aluminium box will do the scutwork. It comes with 10AWG motorcables and 3 x XT60 plugs battery-sided. I cutted those (yay! free plugs) and soldered the 3 x 12AWG to a 8AWG cable. I also cutted the RJ45-plugs from an old networkcable and used it to extend the PPM+UART port of the Vesc to a second waterproof plasicbox which will be placed in the upper front of rifle case.

Metr-modul for wireless configuration+logging and Maytec Rx for PPM input

the electronics-box mounted on the stiffener-plate directly in front of the rivet nuts


So people, now it’s getting serious. We have actually landed far below 2000€.

For all those who want to build an Efoil now should use these components (as of January 2021).

Quiet motor, high quality battery pack (waterproof), passively cooled VESC (waterproof). High quality carbon Foil.

It took us less than one day (23h) to build everything!

Flipsky 65161 120KV banggood.com 269,00 € 8,00 €
VESC HI200 75V 200A hgltech.com (coupon HGLTECH20) 161,00 € 10,00 €
RL Foil Set (Shark) rlboards.com 420,00 € 15,00 €
Battery 16S9P 30Q nkon.nl 460,00 € 10,00 €
Maytech Eskate remote aliexpress.com (MTSKR2005WF) 80,00 € 20,00 €
Max case 004 max-koffer.de 24,00 € 5,00 €
Nuprol X-Large Hard Case kotte-zeller.de 120,00 € 12,00 €
stiffer plate Local Laser shop 53,00 € 0,00 €
Item profile 30x30 ebay.de 20,00 € 6,00 €
aluminium case 172 x 121 x 54.9 voelkner.de 16,00 € 5,00 €
stuff AS150 connectors, 8 AWG cables, screws, SikaFlex 50,00 € 0,00 €
1.673,00 € 91,00 €
1.764,00 €
working hours
propulsion unit motor mount, cut POM piece, assembly of foil 5
battery spot welding, soldering, prepare waterproof hard case 7
board assembly screw stiffer plate to board, seal screw holes, install rivet nuts 6
VESC box soldering, install cable glands, programming 4
remote waterproofing remote with Epoxy 1
23 hours

Nice BOM ! When do you think will be the first tests ?

One can find this item with 1 or 3 m extension antenna for 95usd (February 2021 Chinese New Year sale):

Thanks for the link. Well it’s winter in Germany…

Haha @SoEFoil, glad you asked for the first test;)

We will release the result soon…feel free to vote

Current results:


Nooo! Why did you go for the RL Shark foil…? you will not be able to push that case to 25kmh+ for lift-off.
Go for the superb E-foil dedicated foils where you have lift-off at 15kmh and you stand a chance…

I am sure, he will lift off :adult:t2:‍:mortar_board:

It’s not the Shark, it’s the RL efoil Wing with around 1200cm²

Saw now in the video it’s the 2018 RL with 800mm width and ca 1100cm2. It’s my favorite allround wing sofar after testing 7 different. You will be successful! The Bom is balanced and good.
With a proper wing and 5kw to start with you can strap it to a toaster and still fly.

Go Germany!


At the top obviously you’re going to take off

Your list is nice, but either you got special prices or they were on special sale… F. e hgltech Hi200 75/200 is 265$ and much more expensive than on your list?

I took the voucher and got 20% off. I paid $199,20 USD incl. shipping

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What different foils did you tested so far? Which is the best one after the RL foil in your opinion?

In order of appearance
Naish surf XL
RL Efoil 2020 (1600cm2)
RL Efoil 2018 (1100cm2) favourite allrounder
Axis 900/460 stb. Super efficient, but slow. Sold again
Gong veloce M/40cm stab. Nervous, but with potential for 40kmh+
Fliteboard flyer / std stab. Too early to say…


Which woucher. For ESC20OFF I get 20$ discount, not 20%. There is OFF10, it is 10% and for the price of 265$ there is 26,5$ discount.

EDIT: found the code for 20% “HGLTECH20”

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