THE NEW Shadow prop family

Introducing a new family of propellers developed specifically for the eFfoil industry. Since I noticed a lack of supply of propellers on the market that would offer an optimal ratio of efficiency, energy consumption, and power I think today is the right time for this post.

Some time ago, I wrote on my website about the successful completion of the development phase and testing of the Shadow family of propellers for the eFoil market. We also received some positive feedback from users named @kwinty and @Ackermann which are tested the propellers.

You can read more about my posts here:

At our online store, which will be active at the end of next week, everyone from this forum will be able to buy these props with a coupon for a 5% discount called: foil.zone_5%off


Interesting, for sure a good thing to have more alternatives. Is this composite, plastic or made of aluminum?

Yep, you can find it here. I did a review


Will it fit the 65161 motor without modifications? How much does it cost?


Cool data. Looks like 8-10kph more speed compared to FR with a 10-20amp motor difference. Any comparisons during say a carving in a slalom course and how it behaves with blade breaching?

You compare FR 6" with SHADOW 7", that will make speed difference. In my build there is also a comparison of FR 7" progressive vs SHADOW 7”. Both prop behave similar.

Our props are made from hard aluminum for the aerospace industry 7075-T6.


It fits this motor, of course. These propellers are specifically made for this series of motors.

Currently the price has not been set. The price of the propeller will be below 200 EUR for sure.

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Set the price around 150€ and you will made a good business.
The 6” FR Clone from Easyfoil are very very good and the price is under 150€.

I am owning the FR 6“, FR 7“, Easyfoil 6“ and some DIY propeller. For high speed the 7“ FR is my favorite, but when I want good speed with efficiency, my favorite is definitely the 6“!

Here is a metr Log from a longrun with a good average speed and the 6“ FR


This is the first time this prop has ever been mentioned on the forum. Where did you get it?

must be this one EASYFOIL 6" Propeller

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Read my post carefully from start to finish. You will notice that there are all the answers to your questions.

You clearly did not read properly… I asked nice2cu where he got the Easyfoil prop.
None of what I asked related to your prop.

Sorry Jazza, I misunderstood. I did you an injustice. I’m lying in bed with fever and I’m not in a good mood …:exploding_head:

Hi Guys,

We are Firnas Watersports, an EU based company and have been working on this project with Seahorse (Jasmin) for the past year to bring this product to the market.

Let’s forget the copycat products a bit, this is not the purpose of this thread.

Our products have been designed from scratch, and as a result our shape is quite different. For obvious reasons, we won’t share technical data like thrust, efficiency,… We believe anyway that simulations are great and everything, but field tests are always beter. We have been sending 5 propellers to users of this forum. Some already shared the data on their build thread and you can definitely tell there are some gains in efficiency, top speed and power consumption compared to what’s already today on the market.

Please don’t take us wrong, we are not trying to bash any other maker. They are all making great products, and this is precicely what’s pushing us forward.

As Jasmin stated, the propellers are made out of 7075-T6, aka aerospace aluminium. They are all 150mm in diameter and will only be available in matte black to begin with. We have few different types of propellers :

  • The Shadow family : optimized for efficiency and available in various pitches including the most popular 7".
  • The Sport family (code name will be adapted later) : those have been specifically designed for performance and as a result will be draining your batteries much quicker.
  • Various other designs being worked on as we speak and will be shared later.

I know the purpose of this thread is to discuss about the Shadow family, but wanted to give you guys some more informations about the global picture.

Also, I’ve seen quite a few people interested in knowing the price (which is totally fine btw). As you probably know, energy price in EU spiked by almost x2 for the past few months and this definitely greatly increase production price when you mill on big 5 axis machines. Because yes, we will be producing in EU on 5 axis mills from a solid aluminium block.
In the end, one important thing to remember is that you never choose a product price, market always sets it for you…
…But we can definitely say that our target price shall be under 200€.

Kindly remember few things :

  • First batch will only be few pieces (most probably under 30).
  • Matte black will be the only available color to start with. We will gradually add more and more colors as we test them with the anodizing companies.
  • Seahorse is, as of now, our only distributor in EU. There is no need to PM me for availability and or price, please contact Jasmin for further questions.

Thank you all for reading us,

FWS team.


Also I’d like to finish by saying that we would like to gauge interest in the different products :

  • Shadow 7" for the threaded end 120kv motors (Flipsky / Maytech,…)
  • Shadow 8" for the 100kv variants of the same motors (has been tested already, please check @Ackermann build logs)
  • Shadow variants for Lift / FR motor users

As we can’t start a serial production with 2 orders, Jasmin will set up a poll later to see how many people will be interested in what.
Final price is order depending and we will do our best to offer the first batch buyers the best price they can get.

The 7" variant has already been tested on a Lift Motor during the UIM MOTOSURF WORLDCUP 2021 few weeks ago. As a result, our rider ended up in the top 5, crushing by the same way some of the well known brand competitors :star_struck: :blush:


Welcome and congratulations for your line of products !
Is there a folding prop in the pipe ? If yes, when do you plan to market it ?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
You didn’t bother doing the maths on the data did you?
Both the FR6 and Flite board prop actually had a better ‘speed to power’ ratio than the new prototype prop. Don’t make claims without solid data…

In fact the fliteboard prop would have been even faster tested at the same voltage as your prop…

I don’t know if you are referring to my logs and I really don’t want to be dragged into this but maybe one thing to mention: there is a water current, so you always have to compare data in same direction, eg north to south.