Topsecret's Build

Good day everyone.

I have started this topic to keep a log of my progress and also a means to have the more experienced members keep me on the right track.

I would like to thank the creator(s) of this forum and its members for the plethora of information that has been compiled. This information has been vital in me making the decision to take on this project.

My goal is to build two e-foils (the wife has to have one too) and have them operational by next summer. I will buy the components that make sense to buy rather than fabricate and fabricate the remainder of the parts either by 3D printing or conventional processes.

I have spent a few weeks reading thru various topics on here in preparation for this build and I am ready to start in the first phase which is purchasing the electronics. The components that I have seen mentioned that have worked with reasonable success have been;
Maytech remote
Flipsky 65161 120KV motor
Flipsky Seal 300A ESC
14S power seams to be popular with some of you.

I have placed an order for 2 Maytech remotes as recommended by most of the members in various topics.

I am now looking into the Flipsky 65161 120kv motor and the Seal 300A that most of you speak about.
What I am not able to find info on is if the motor everyone uses is sensored and if the Seal esc is sensor capable.
Could someone clarify if the system is sensored please.

If anyone sees any components that I have listed that may have better alternatives please let me know.


Get a sensor less motor. The seal ESC will run that fine.

120kv us the one you want. Make sure to get the correct motor shaft. The one that fits the FR prop.

Good luck with your build.


You can also go for Flipsky 200amp FESC which is half the price and does the job. But then you have to use 12s which is still okay. I prefer 2 6s packs which can be independently charged and balanced via cable (no bms). For the remote, most use the cheap one from Ali which is good straight of the box. I also build the 2nd board for my wife, lately she has proven herself worthy :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Flightjunkie
Senor less it is.

Thank you for the reply @Ackermann
Yes the 200 amp is a good choice. The option of using lipo packs makes it easy and since I am already into the RC hobby, I already have capable chargers to handle them.
On the other hand I would like to attempt my first battery build. Although we all yearn for the end result in our projects, I enjoy the build and the learning experience it provides.

Now you have to post a video of your talented Wife e-foiling! :call_me_hand:

I am eager to watch this build. I am going down the same road.

Which one is that? I have been researching this, but am still confused. I think this is the situation: The FR motor is a 10mm threaded shaft, but it doesn’t look like the 10mm threaded flipsky can be bought anymore. All I see are 12 mm threaded and nonthreaded flipsky motors.

You want the 65161 motor with 120kv and the 12mm shaft, with the 8mm threaded end.

See the link below.


I was not talking about LiPo. I have two Li Ion packs. They are not waterproof, but my box is. So no need for double the work. I have beeper inside, detecting water. I do like my system, it is fast build and until now doing the job

@Ackermann I misunderstood, yes that setup sounds great.

@foilmore I am also eager to start. Thankfully there is allot of info on this forum to help us out.

Has anyone looked into the Rocket box on thingiverse?

The design looks pretty cool. Maybe there may be a way to incorporate fuses in it.

won’t work a least for efoil, why? because:

  • connections will go loose with heat of the cells, distortion of the box, screw and nuts as well, vibration from riding water before take off, and the worst is when you crash after riding 20min under 60A (not to say higher) with the all thing at +50°c

for me it is: solder solder solder

but it is good idea and for other application it works

Thank you @Alexandre for the info. Really good points you made.

So, you are not recommended this after you have tried similar here?

yes, nese module are the best on the market, but the thing that didn’t work for me was the mount: nut/strip/“plastic”/screw
probably because i was pushing my 8p 30Q too much and crashed too many times

i kept them and use them on earth :wink:

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@Vincentbraillard very nicely done. Thank you for taking the time to write that up and sharing.