Uncoated Outrunner

Hello guys. First post. I was thinking about buying a foil drive then came across this forum. I’ been reading a lot and found that I already have some of the parts you guys are using and a 3D printer. I have a couple 6374 170KV motors and wondering how long they will survive in salt water as is. I was thinking if I flood the motor with fresh water then CRC after use, that would get any salt out of it. Foil Drive says that it is very important to flush the motor with fresh water or the motor will fail in short order. Makes me wonder if they are just installing sst bearing and calling it good.

Has anyone run these out of the box? They are cheap and if I have to replace a motor every season, it’s not a big deal.

I still might just buy the Foil Drive Assist Plus. It is $3K US. I figure it will take a few bucks and lots of time to get this right. I can spent the winter doing that or just spend the money and buy something that already works. This is why I’m attempting a DIY using as much of what I already have while not devoting the next year of my life to it.

Yes but with a regular soak in Corrosion X (1x a month ?) :

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Cool. I think I’ll give this a go. All I need to complete is an ESC and remote. The rest will be 3D printed, which will be some trial and error.