Upgrade for foildrive gen one

I quite like the box on top approach of the gen 1 units and would like to increase power and possibly runtime. has any one here used a larger box and maybe a 10s pack with a aftermarket esc attached to the original gen 1 motor to achieve this? can the original foildrive (maytech) receiver be used and any other issues of note? is it worth even trying this? given the extra weight? thanks in advance

All of this is totally possible.

The remote is not devolved by foil drive. It is a Maytech remote and is what many of us use for our DIY foil drives.

Many have had success (as have I) with the Flycolor xcross hv3 160a esc. This supports up to 12s. The motor is a saite motor which is what I also use. I use a bigger box that takes 12s2p and gives plenty of power equivalent to a gen2 but in a box that mounts to the top of the board (or inside in my instance).

Thanks for reply, can you elaborate on the box dimensions you use and is the runtime improved ? in my mind a 8s 3p pack is the same wh as a 12s 2p pack so I would expect the runtime would be about the same, motor thrust would be greater I assume, is this the result you experience?

This is the box I use:
CamdenBoss CHDX8-322C X8 Series Hinged ABS Transparent Lid 260x110x100 IP66/67

Runtime is subjective. I can be out for 3 hours on my 8s3p with a sup foil when only using it for assist into a wave. I can get through my 12s2p battery on a prone board foiling around a lot in just 30 mins.

The extra voltage on 12s makes getting up in the flat on a small prone board quite easy. I cannot do this easily with 8s.

@nekitesurfing … how have you got your battery pack orientated in the box?..also of you took the controller out what would you reckon could be the max size for a battery pack for that size box???..P42 cells…
Cheers K

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This shows a 10s2p set up using an 8s2p and a 2s2p joined in series. I have since got a 4s2p in there without problem to give 12s2p.

If you build your own batteries you can configure a 12s2p to fit in the same box FD uses.

BUD Industries NBF-32408 Plastic… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005UPC2RE?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


Looks great.

I went for two packs so that I could still use my cheap balance charger that only charges up to 8s.

Hi Jesse @Jesserosco …do you have a battery config diagram for that battery?
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Does this Vesc from Maytech works well on a 12s battery?

Very crude, but it’s my redneck engineering.

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Haha…okay thank you !!

Here’s another concept using a bigger box and bigger battery (13s 30Ah)

This is not a foildrive.