Valhalla’s Tow Boogie & eBuild

OMG, that would be amazing. I honestly feel equal parts gung ho and overwhelmed; I’ve never really taken on more than building stuff out of wood / plastic. But this guy in the wing community here shreds ridiculously on his tow boogie, and I’d probably use it every day with no wind or waves.

Amazing, thank you so much! As soon as you do, I think I’ll go ahead an order parts. There might be enough interest that we could hit you up with some financial incentive too; kind of a maker / mentor thing. I’m personally in SoCal too, and I’m completely free in January, so maybe even an in person thing. Just brainstorming.

Finally got my Tow Boogie together and have had a few fun times. Today I guess I put the two batteries in a different position when I put them in the waterproof case. I couldn’t get up on foil without instant pulling to the right and then flipping over.
I remember Tom having the same problem in one of his videos. Putting the box in a different position solved the problem correct? I tried that and still had the same problem.
Any other possible reasons for pulling to one side so much besides position of the waterproof case?
It seems so simple but it keeps making my sessions a bit frustrating.

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Great to hear you’ve made progress!!

In my experience, balancing the battery case over the board is critical. Inches in either direction make a big difference. I adjusted mine over the course of a dozen sessions getting it tuned. Generally speaking, mid center of the board works best for me. In fact, if my straps weren’t snug, I could tell when the box shifted on the board during a session, and I would have to make corrective adjustments.

Also, the trim tab plays a big role. The location, angle, and length of the trim tab was the other part I adjusted a lot.

I’m in San Diego and have most of the tools and miscellaneous parts left over from my build; I’m happy to share with those in the area. For example, I bought pack of 20, and needed 4, etc… Oh, I have a gallon of CorrosionX; so if you need a few ounces for your motor, I’ll top you off.

Deciding where to source can be a headache. Ali Express/Amazon vs. what’s locally available. The odds and ends add up. It’s time and money, and I really just wanted to be on the water.

I didn’t have a 3D printer before my build, or any Fusion 360 experience, but decided to get one and learn. After all, I needed the motor clamps. In hindsight, I love the printer, use it constantly, but it cost time to get up to speed.

I’ve benefited a lot from this group, and thus I’m happy to share where I can.

Also, it would be great to connect with others in the area, see your build, and the fun your having…


Speaking of major improvements. This extension on the end of the line holder that brings the line below the water line allows the front of the boogie to keep the nose down while also allowing the battery case to be pulled back.

So here’s my analysis. Having weight further back allows the boogie to keep its nose above the waterline at the bottom of the face of the wave/swell. So by placing the tow line below the plane of the board, water starts become a lot easier with the nose more likely to stay low. With weight back it handles better on the bottom face of swell and is less likely to duck dive.


So cool, thanks for posting all the great info here. I have to build one now! Any progress on the updated parts list?

Hello Tom!
Do you have one boggie tow for sale? I would like to buy one fom you.
Can you please get in contact with me?
My email is:

I do not sell them. I can help via dm if you need

Yes that would be awesome.
Since i’m a new member i’m not sure a can already send you a direct message, that’s why i posted my email

Kevin at may be selling them soon. Or maybe you can buy one of his prototypes.

i contact them by they far away from production

Yes that will be very helpful if you could send me via dm the list of the things I need to build it. Thank you!

There should be a material list on this thread somewhere

I find it thanks, but I’m not sure it’s updated.
What did you choose in the end for the propeller?

If anyone is selling one in so cal please let me know!

Manta foils has props in stock now. Just bought one for my build. I’m using a combo of valhalla and jatem’s builds.

Always a pleasure to discover the latest news.
This ring under the board bottom must generate some drag.
To keep the benefit of the line below the water line without the drag, a triangle-shaped fin (NACA cross section) could be used.


I’ve tried experimenting with different shapes. Not much benefit in efficiency but depending on shape of the section what direction the board turns to naturally. Issues I’ve is with making a more triangular section was strength of the piece. It would always fail at the front where there is the least material. I have an idea in mind but the tow boogie is taking a back seat as the wind season picks up.

Thanks for all the great info here.

Has anyone worked on remote control steering (other than wave escort)? I understand you use body weight / pull to steer in general, but it would be nice to have some steering to at least get the board going in the right direction after you let go and catch a swell. Obviously the return to foiler would be ideal, but having some basic steering would be a nice first step.

Also after a couple years in the water, anyone have an opinion on the ideal length / width of the board?