VESC setting for FR motor

Start by using the calculated flux value to reduce the sync issue

I think filled with mineral oil it would be ok. Did 220A often with the 120kv on first build

25000/8/130 is to calculate voltage applied

Ok thanks. Got you now.

However guys I am not sure this is the best way to calculate the voltage applied to the motor. Don’t forget the difference between the applied voltage and the rpm already.

Gona ask the Metr app guy if they could offer .csv export option. They should be able to get way more data like phase voltage ect.

I used a short cut , didn’t take in account back emf since it is hard to know with current control mode

Sorry for resurrecting old thread, but I am desperate.

my setup: FR motor and prop (6 inch), Raiden 7, 14s12p 30Q, erayfoil remote and metr module.

No matter what I change in vesc tool, I can not solve my problem, which is: when bench testing my motor in 200L barrel of water, I am always drawing max motor current but without max rpm. started with 120A motor amps, now testing with 180A motor amps and still raiden is sending maximum 180A to motor with full throttle but not getting maximum rpm. (throttle on remote 100%, duty cycle in log 39-60% depending on max motor amps). Without active cooling, raiden is at 80 degrees in few secs. and I am talking about testing in barrel, so no wings, no my weight on board, just motor and water.

What I tried so far: few motor detections, both through automatic and manual detection, manually calculating flux linkage (almost the same number I get during motor detection), turning off phase filters, changing motor current (from 60A to 180A), changing from Current no reverse to Duty no reverse and doing input setup few times, changing remote from erayfoil to gt2b remote, changing throttle curve to expo… tested after each change and there is nothing I can do to fix behaviour of my setup.

@Manufoil seems like you had same problem but managed to solve it with increasing max motor amps to pretty high numbers, which doesn’t look like actual solution to me, more like bypass of a problem. or did you find in meantime real cause why you need such high currents?

latest metr log with 180A motor current:

What is the benefit of this Test? Just go in water and fly. 180amps should be enough. Can you reach full rpm in air? Static test is mich more amp consuming to get full throttle

Well first test was in water (100 motor amps) and I couldn’t get my board flying. First time riding such a small board (128cm) but after only few mins of trying to get it up I felt loss of power. Actually, it felt like there was never enough power to get it in the air.
Heatsinks were burning hot so I got thermal throttling - speed was too low for passive water cooling to cool down esc.

But if you say that it is so hard to get full throttle in static test, I will have to go back into water asap. And yes, I can get max rpm (95% duty cycle) in the air.

Things a really different in a barrel than on a board. In a barrel especially with a good prop which doesn’t slip you are going to load the motor like hell. This is why your motor current go to the roof without reaching high duty cycle. Riding you creat forward speed and as soon as you are on the foil the load on the motor decrease as the rpm increase, you will reach top rpm with lower motor current. Look at my logs, I need 200A motor current to take off as my board and wings I tiny and myself heavy… however at top speed Motor current is under 150A

For a board that small you are going to need to set your motor current way higher than that. Depending your weight, level and wing size it will probably need 150-200A. It also means you will need a really good cooling. I don’t get away without water cooling on my setup. I don’t think you can use passive cooling with a board that small. I have now 600km on my setup nothing wrong reaching high motor current on takeoff as long as your cooling is good

Thanks, it all makes sense. I will have to test in water and think about my cooling. I have standard water cooling which goes with FR motor, but I guess I will have to add pump too. Or fill vesc box with mineral oil. It doesn’t help that it’s pretty hot outside too.

I burnt 2x VESC trying to figure things out. First one being stubborn and trying to make it work with heat sink…

Then tried Passive cooling. It work well as long as you get on the foil quickly to creat enough flow. Some mates who can Efoil were still getting it hot as it takes time to get the takeoff technic on a small board. Yet I burnt a 2nd VESC when seaweed got into the intake. Lot of seaweed where I ride and they love getting in the forward facing inlet on the FR pod.

I have been using a pump since with the intake tube facing down in the mast so seaweed are not forced inside when you move forward. The MakerX is also in mineral oil. Temp never exceed 35deg cruising

Just be conservative with temp protection at the beginning and set it low like 60deg and you should be fine


Interesting, I moved away from active pump and downward pointing tube since the pumps are shitty and start to leak by themselves. Now I have a mast clamp with opening at the tip for passive watercooling. I do not use a tube, but rather have the whole mast cavity as channel. On top it is sealed and i have added some alumina pipe to connect a silicon tube. you can see it here:

Actually, I do not need much of velocity to keep the water running. When not flying the water level is already quite high in the cooling circuit and just a bit of pressure will start it flowing. The outtake is at the end of the board, so it is easy to see if it is still working while foiling. So far there was never something stuck.
For the pump however I had blockage cuz if I were to close to the ground (eg putting the board into the water) it could happen that it will suck up little rocks from shallow beach area.

@tinp123 : I would just raise motor current by 10amp settings. Start from e.g. 150. For me it is quite the case that I have a really hard time to get flying with 150amp whereas 160amp will jump me out of the water. So try to approach the issue like this instead of pushing too fast too high currents

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which Foil are you using again? I am still impressed by the motor current and speed. Also there is still 13% duty cycle left at 49km/h :slight_smile: Was this full throttle?


247A motor current :flushed::flushed::flushed:

Never tried using the full mast cavity to channel water up, sounds good.
The tube facing forward is inside the mast on my build so low chance of stuff getting stuck. Never had issue with 12v water pump so far in 600kmish.

What size is your board Ackermann?

I have been using the Ozone 950 wing which will be soon release. It has an aspect ratio of 7. I was not full throttle no, the max I did was 55kmh but honestly crash seriously start to hurt at anything above 45kmh

Board is 1,60 from bottom to tip. It’s pizza shape so don’t ask me about the volume :slight_smile:

It must go fast on the plane. My first board was 140cm long and I could get away with just an aluminium block attached to the VESC heatsink. Max Motor current was 150A. Small board and small foil add a bit of requirement with power delivery but so fun to ride