Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world

Hello, every week I see another video from a happy e-foiler. I propose to post here every new link you found.

Do you have another one?



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I just found this one: from @superlefax. Hard on that small board but looks like you are very close!

And we have to include the very first electric hydrofoil project from 2008. The Evolo University Project, Naval Architecture at KTH in Stockholm.

A total classic. Amazing work! Guys, if you are reading this forum, please say hi and share more of this pioneering effort with us. That was almost a decade ago and here we start again… what happened? :smile:

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Yes that’s me :wink: I already stood for about 5 seconds until the ESC meltdown. The board has a lenght of 1,6m and is pretty narrow. Now it is getting bloody cold in Germany. I need two weeks for my second version of my system. The goal is to ride this year until flying.

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How about Solar boats?

found this one now:)

Flying on lake VELENJE :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that’s me! Many thanks to my friend Dan who has been working on this board and is letting me test it for him.

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cool! Fun to see many DIY bords around the world.

Still bummed that I lost my GoPro when I was riding a couple weeks ago with @Windchaser. I was curious where that happened and I just watched the video #15 again… sure thing, I can totally see it flying off, I must have knocked it off during the fall. RIP GoPro. Thx @tylerclark for getting me that floatie to keep a future cam afloat. We will see how that helps because I didn’t realize the cam was gone until after the session :smile:

#1 - Pre-crash, GoPro still attached on the nose

#2 - GoPro last seen flying off

#3 - Board aerial, camera gone


Wow! How crazy you caught it on video! Time to break out the scuba gear!!!

For those interested, I bought one of these for myself and @pacificmeister to prevent such tragedies again! lol

Small update, will soon have 2 boards ready for testing!


Another small video of board1 with propulsion unit 2, the video above is Board 2 propulsion unit 1 (parker gearbox is still going strong). Working on a documentation video that we will post on youtube soon :slight_smile:


@Hiorth, great video, looks like you can foil in low speed, me like, du you know what speed you have on the video? :star_struck:

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No idea. Will bring my phone to check. its only about 1/3 throttle.

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Great results!! What kind of wing Do You use for this one?

Another video:

Large SUP wing. really nice and stable. Kite foils are normally not designed to lift 20+kg boards and rider, with no pull upward (kite).


The “how to” by e-flite :