Videos of electric hydrofoils around the world

Yes homemade. Thanks to @Clarin to have done amazing job


All these details should be in the Vincent’s build thread I think… :wink:
Which glue did you use to assemble the different pieces ? Where the pieces hot-wire cut ?
Which fabric layout did you use (ex bottom glass 200g + carbon bi axial 200g) etc…
Did you take pictures or films during the manufacturing process and edit them in a video as did @Mat in his board building video ?

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This is my 3. ride with 80100. I need a lot of praktice.:grinning:

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Getting better


Interesting prop. Model air screw

Always a pleasure to watch , old video , maybe this board will be production one day ? , yes probably airplane prop , keep wanting to try a apc pro on my built , we don’t need that much of blade area …

Ok something a bit different / drone footage.

My large sup / FR motor / 7" FR prop / 6s 44Ah pack / Axis 82 wing foil / small 1- feet GLASS surf session.

One of the most magical days i have ever had on the water… just EPIC to fly on clear water like this and see everything your flying over. Was able to foil in and around other surfers without taking any of their usable waves or getting on the surf line which is important to keep the peace.

endless rides !



Now the weather is warming up in Australia it’s possible to fall in continuously without getting cold! Heres a vid of doing some jumps and carving in the river.


Reacher 120kv in action

Efoil NZ on Vimeo \

How do you embed Vimeo video? I used the embed code but it doesn’t display the player


Which set up is that? Geared drive?

Yes it’s a geared drive. SSS56104 and PLE040 gearbox

hello i love your lower pumping before jump on the noze foil awesome👍
it s a new board and a new propulsion unit? you direct drive before…the full alu unit look great…

Please talk more about it to the community
can you share or explain yours build?..what coupling did you use?
it s the way i have to folow!
and also i am convinced the gear box is the thing for electrique efficience direct drive is good to eliminate the maintenance and global cost .


It’s a board I built, and the propulsion unit is built from CNC’d aluminium frame/mount/duct etc.
I agree, the added cost and complexity of a geared drive results in good efficiency and performance.

I will make a build thread soon with a video as well…


Cool video, I think I know where it is, too bad my build is not ready yet but it is getting cold over here anyways…

Yes… water is arould 15°C :cold_face:
Where do you come from exactly?

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some ideas with the etakuma:


lot of idea yes and the propeller is so tiny like a 5 inch fpv racer

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Propeller is interesting - anyone ridden one? Whats it like?
@Flying_Rodeo what do you think of this prop vs. your own magnificent one that every1 is raving about? Did you try out this shape or model it in your research?