Volker’s Build - 80100 18650-30Q

It seems, many people are using and trying my props.
I optimized the prop for higher topspeed, 150mm Dia / 180mm Pitch
should be ok for 32kmh on 80kV 80100. I’ll test them next week. Metr logs will follow


VS 150 1.2 3 Blade
Ok, i could say:
I can foil with 1024W at 18kmph

Or you can look yourself at the log. The truth seems to be a bit somewhere else

I am satisfied with this one. It has lots of thrust and easy to ride.


Was that 2 or 3 Blade?

Just saw it. 3

VS 150 1.2 2 Blade
Seems to consume less, but less punch and not so easy to ride like the 3 Blade. Feels a bit “soft”

Very nice ! Prop slip seems to be around 10-15% if I am right, even less at high speed (?)

Here is another longer ride on the 3 Blade

Next test : motor in the water no prop at 18000 erpm :smile::+1:

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scroll 17days back. It is 3-4A

I did but it is in the air, no ?

Ooops, sorry :slight_smile:
Post #23 (no metr)

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Are we still talking about a c80100 motor?

Yes. All logs from 80100

Hi, new here but already started to get parts for the project…Then i realized this forum is huge and i did not have all the info. I already have a 400A22S Flier esc and a 380KV 56114sss. Than i figured that a direct drive would be a better choice so i am considering the 80100 with the 400A flier or the 200A flipsky Vesc. @V_S Is the Flipsky a much better choice over the Flier (Banggood180eur vs Flier 350) ? I would like to replicate your build, i like it a lot !

Having already a good motor and feasible ESC, why you don’t get something like this cheap but very good Nema 23 gearbox instead? It needs a little adapting, lathe down the flange and reduce the diameter less than a millimeter to match the motor.
Not all the gearboxes are the same, this is ok, my buddy had almost 30 hours on this, with a TP power motor, stronger than the SSS, I got it and will go on my next build in place of the Neugart. Outrunners are ok but you’re almost there with inrunner geared solution which is the definitive one…

@MaB Lol, It is underway already, planning to beef it up with bearings. Bought it from banggood so no taxes and no customs hassle which i had with the flier…But still outrunner in direct drive is much more simpler. Will test both anyhow.

Flier ESC is a easy Setup, Rocksolid and easy to use.
The Flipsky needs to be setup correct and cant handle so much power continous like a Flier.
But it deliveres Data

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Thanks, i will stick to the Flier then. The choice of the motor is 80 or 130 KV ? Which one should be better ? Regarding safety about the propeller cover it is a issue to others or injuring yourself ?

I use the 80kV. All my Props are designed for the 80kV.
The 130kV will work for sure too, but Props have to be less Pitch.

And higher rpm are less efficiant, i guess.
So i would Go for the 80kV

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Than 80KV it is ! APS is a good source ?

How much current are you guys pulling at wide open throttle and how much does it take to cruise comfortably?

I just did a static test in a pool (board pushing against side of pool) with my 80100 setup and was pulling around 220A on12S at wide open throttle! I have my timing set to 30degrees to avoid sync issues (cant go lower without problems) and am running a flier 400A ESC. Wires in my battery box were getting really hot. Even the 8 gage wires going down the mast to the motor were almost 100C and for sure would have gotten much hotter if i ran it at that current for very long. Thats almost 10000W of power. This seems way too high right? I was running the two blade version of this prop (cant remember where i found the file but pretty sure it was from someone that was using the same motor). I have filled the magnet gaps in my rotor as well (although not nearly as nice as some of the rotors i have seen on here).

Any idea what might be going on? I cant imagine this is right. At that rate ill be burning through my 20000mah 12S setup in no time.