Waterproof 6374 with no shaft for efoil?

  • Fully waterproof, can be work under water
  • Ceramic bearing, corrosion prevention
  • 1 Meter length wires
  • Epoxy coated stator coil and magnets
  • Battle harden rotor

Looks like this was made for foil drive or efoil. Anyone used it?

Sent an email to them asking if they could do the same thing to their 63100.


Nice catch ! Could be the motor manufacturer of the Whimsifoil Plume efoil using a “Patented” waterproof outrunner motor.

They charge an extra 40usd for the waterproofing as per Shenzhen Saite Motor Co., Ltd.
The 63100 is 4500W so 50% more powerful than the 6374 and should cost 140usd waterproofed.
Why do they shorten the shaft only when they waterproof an outrunner motor ?

Credit @pablo_foil: DIY electric foil assist. Steps+pictures+cad files

My guess is the don’t have the shaft extended out because it gets in the way for a efoil or tow buggy use case.

They probably could extend the shaft in the back, but I don’t think anyone has a prop with a 10mm shaft

But the link doesn’t work anymore.
Do you remember the provider?


I was going to order one 80100 waterproofed with short shaft, but they said they couldn’t until Feb


Maybe do they have time now ?

I got another flipsky motor that was seized with salt water that I refurbed, so I’m not going to order one any time soon. Interested if someone else does though!