What’s your current set up?

What foil wing, tail, fuse, mast and board are you riding? Also do you foil multiple disciplines? Prone, SUP, Wing, Kite, Tow, Wake, and yes I’ll even add E.


Prone: Axis 910 front, 370 rear, ultra short fuse , 75cm mast on a 4-6 45L Blue Planet Carver.

E: Lift 250 Surf wing, 50 Surf rear, 70cm mast, on a 5-6 Board.

Wing: Armstrong HS1850, CF300 rear, 75cm mast on a JUMBO 7-6 114L Blue Planet Easy Foiler.

Axis 900 HA front wing, 460 or 400 tail. Mast length can’t remember. Tried the 760 wing today, will be writing a review on it soon!
In CA Freedom Foilboard, Techno 4’5" 38L.
FFB Deckpatch on top, Misc traction strips on edges, Wax on rails AND bottom of the board.
In HI Amundson Foilboard 4’6" Nubby.

Surf Foiling: Axis 900 front, 370 back, crazy short fuselage, 75cm 19mm mast, 4’6 36l Axis board - I got super hooked on surf foiling this year and I love this setup!

E Foiling: But of course! Various prototypes

Kite Foiling: Slingshot Silencer foil, Axis tray 94, Naish Slash and Park kites, mostly enjoy kite foiling in waves.

SUP Foiling: Did more the past 3 years with converted Starboard Pro 7’7" and china A1 foil. This year I rigged up my e-foil board with Axis mast adapter, same foil as surf foil, but surf foiling is just soooo much more fun right now for me and I didn’t go much this year.

Wing Foiling: 5m no-name china wing, e-foil board with Axis adapter. Just getting started and hope to progress to a smaller surf foil board some day.

I’ve ridden Naish Thrust L. Lift 200 Classic and 170 fish.

Currently on AXIS. 16mm 750mm mast. Ultra Short Fuse. 900 and 760 front wings. 370 rear wing.

Just got a craigslist find Cloud IX f32 in the mail today. Hope to get that in the water soon.

Same board for all of that. 4’8" WCFC 2 year old yellow thing. Which is why I’m confused when I hear all these stories of boards failing. That board has been going strong for over 2 years and had tape on a rail crack for a year and a half of that time.

Oh yeah, I only prone. I have bought and sold a hand wing. It was going to be to hard to learn on my prone board and in the shorebreak I normally ride at. So I sold it after 2 sessions. If someone wants to give me a small SUP and a paddle I’ll happily learn to downwind though.

Kalama Performance 5’6 SUP foil board (v1 PVC)

Gofoil 29.5 Tuttle mast

Short pedestal, 14.5 flip tip tail


Duotone Echo 7m 5m
Long pedestal tail
Tuttle to Plate adapter


Board Riding Maui 13.4 and 8m,CCS bar

Dakine Boardshorts harness

Shinn El Stubbo with carbon foil converter

Alpinefoil Aluminum mast/fuse XLP and Wave wings

Non foil:
North (old duotone north) Evo 12m
Ocean Rodeo Mako

SUP Portal Barra 7’6

Mayhem foamie/softop

150lb rider

Surf Foil: Freedom 4’5” board, Armstrong HS1250, 72cm Mast, 232 Stab
Digging this setup a lot! Still learning to prone foil though

SUP foil and Wing: Armstrong 55 board, either Armstrong HS1550, HS1250, or Axis 900 with ultra short fuse, both feel excellent, Duotone Echo 5m thinking of going to Armstrong 5.5. Echo is too squirrelly on land

Kiting: Duotone 7m/3.5m Mono, custom Maui Skimmers 34”x18”x.5” board, Armstrong HS1250 w/ 85cm mast x 232 stab

Also have the CF 800 but the HS1250 just feels fantastic for kiting too. All around great speed and stability

E foil: Still in construction :wink:

Added myself to the list.

5’10" x 28" 107L One Ocean sports foil SUP, front footstrap only
GoFoil long tuttle mast
NL220 front wing
Kane 15" tail mounted directly on the fuse (drill/tap/helicoil a new hole)
Kenalu Mana paddle

this setup rocks for everything I’ve come across

I’m 5’10” 175-180lb
SUP Foil:
6’1” X 27” X 105L Sunova/GenRation Sabre
5’4” X 28 X 100L ElFoilLoco FLIE board
Prone Foil:
4’6” X 19” X 40L Sunova/GenRation Talon
GoFoil 29.5” Tuttle mast & 26.5” Plate mast
GL & NL series front wings
6.5” short pedestal tail 10.5” & 14.5” flip tips
Wing Foil:
4.2m no name
E Foil :
WayDoo Flyer One 31.5” mast.
DIY Flying banana Jet foil

I am a 63 year old, 160 lb noob. I spent the summer learning to foil off the back of a 13’ Boston Whaler, which I bought within a week of getting introduced to the sport. My buddy has a sweet Malibu ski boat and that wake is a dream to surf. I am hopelessly hooked.

Wake board: Slingshot WF-1, 4’-6" x 24 liters
Foil: Slingshot Infinity 84 with 48 cm tail wing, 71 cm mast

I have an Armstrong SKT 4’-11" x 38L for prone but have only been out once (plus a few boat sessions on it). I was an avid surfer in my teens, 20s & 30s but only get out occasionally now.

I also recently picked up a Quatro 5’-8" x 115L wing drifter board and an Armstrong 5.5M wing, also have only had it out once (w/o foil) and am super excited to get that dialed. Unfortunately it’s snowing here and the lakes will soon be frozen. I plan to get some wing time while on skates soon.

I’ve been studying foil options and trying to figure out what would be an ideal set up. I came so close to getting an Armstrong 1850/1250 combo but restrained myself, figuring it’s a long winter and by spring there may be more options to confuse me. I am open to advice!


Welcome Rad, and yes, watch this space over the winter I’m sure the trends will go from high aspect to mid to low and back again in 3 months. :joy:

You will get a great deal on a takuma or mfc or something from SoCal or Hawaii.

GoFoils!..alllllllll the GoFoils…

and KTs!..

i got an AXIS setup too cause i wanted to try it out…

SUP Boards:
5’8" x 28" x 105 liter King’s Paddlesports “Califoilia” model
6’0" x 28.5" x 110 liter King’s Paddlesports “Air Striker” model

Axis 1000, 900, 750 fronts - 460, 440, 400, 390 stabs - Ultra short (x2), and short fuses - 75 and 82cm (x 19mm) masts - Bold being the “go to”, 90% of the time setup

WayDoo Flyer One - 31.5" mast, Patroller wing

OK, I’ll bite…but this is dangerous posting, should the “authorities” be watching (spouses etc). Also feels a little like I need an intervention…

Kite: 2012 start, carafino original to stringy to diy stringy to slingshot hoverglide briefly, now to zeeko spitfire regular, XLW, XXLW…TGTBT package deal. Kite surfboard with through hull holes, to a wakesurfer, and now to my 3rd diy board.

SUP: 2017 start, chakuma v100 (ali baba knock off) to Slingshot (h2, h4, Infinity 84, 76 briefly), to Gofoil (kai, iwa, Maliko200). Numerous DIY wing attempts, homages to GL series. First sessions yesterday on GL 180 and 210 (thanks jondrums). 24" mast now to 27-28". Boards: 9.6 with through hull holes, 7.6 Riviera door with added boxes, 6.10 Demarco which is current main board, 6’ DIY door that is gathering dust, just never quite felt right.

Surf: 2018 start, h2/84 and now gofoil. Boards: DIY 5’ thick pig, now DIY 5’ smaller, have a 4.9 armstrong copy that feels too low volume to paddle, about to try a 4’x20x4 experiment.

Wing: learned on 7.6 sup, now mostly use demarco 6.10, made a copy of 5’ fanatic sky which is a pleasant surprise that it works, but still needs more TOW to be a trusted go-to in significant wave conditions. Started with Ocean Rodeo 5m kite with strings tying up bridle (haha), then Gong 7m, now on ozone was 4m and 7m. Half heartedly looking for a 2.5m after first 40kt+ day. I think I have quit high wind kiting.

PHEW, that’s a lot! I am finding the availability of brands and models is getting confusing and intimidating these days. If I was to advise a friend starting out, I would currently lean towards axis…high quality gear, but not quite at the luxury price point. Maybe the Toyota of the foil world…seems solid and it works and a good overall concept and execution. Or add a zero and go armstrong (lexus). :slight_smile:

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I just priced a Lift 28 inch mast, ha 170, 40 rear wing. It’s $1100ish dollars. sigh

Foils: Gong Rise XL, Curve L-T, Curve M wings - 45 & 65 cm masts, 45 cm2 & 40 cm2 tails

SUP: 6’4"x 28" x 4" self shape, 7’4"x 29" converted Simmons

Prone: 5’6" x 21" x 3.5" self shape

Wing: 5m F-One Swing - currently riding 6’4" SUP, building 5’-ish dedicated wing board. Post ideas in my thread.

what about the AngledFoils…do youbstill.use those?

i also remember you made an adapter so you could fit GoFoil wings…i would love to see an adapter for axis to GoFoils :grin:

To adapt Gofoil to axis I guess you’d have to cut the mast off a Gofoil fuse and then make a way to fit an axis mast to the Gofoil fuse.

I know guys are making custom axis doodads to fit other brands fuses. But Gofoil fuses done have the recess for it since the mast is one piece.

Probably cheaper to just make a fuse from scratch.
I have an axis to unifoil adaptor which works great.
And then on my latest creation I machined a fuse to fit the 16mm axis mast, gong veloce front wing and the unifoil stabs.