When will the Flipsky VX3 be released?

Hi Guys,

Thank you all for your continued attention to our remote VX3. And sorry for the late update. Due to some unpredictable factors, the release of the VX3 has been delayed for some days.

Finally we will start the pre-sale of VX3 very soon (later this week or early next week). Stay tuned…

One quick question on the remote throttle: We got tester feedback the throttle is too sensitive and easily be touched unintentionally, which might be dangerous. Do you think a lock function for throttle commands is necessary to be added in the VX3?

Updated: Thanks a lot for your advices. Does the lock commands function need to work only when the remote turn on, or whatever time you need? For example, you have a call or meet a friend and have to stop to chat for a while in sea, then lock the throttle and then unlock to restart?


yes it would be safer, I can’t wait to be able to buy it!

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Safer yes ,Something simple not annoying to use … but testers were on eSkate or Efoil ? Because on Efoil we are « used » on that , at least I was when swimming and getting back on the board , being careful with the remote
Same with carrying the board , switch on the remote at the last moment


@JamieJiang In case the VX3 remote doesn’t have it already, since you are reviewing your submission…
Maytech have introduced a very useful feature: the customisable power (speed) levels. Whatever you set the max % throttle to in each of the three modes becomes the new full throttle at max trigger.

There is an excellent feedback about it by @foilmore
'Maytech remote hack? - #3 by foilmore


Just to be clear, I have not actually tried it in waves/wakes yet. I have only tested this remote on my esk8, but I much prefer this functionality to cruise control.

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I have ridden the Lift Efoil and their remote works really well. It has 15 speed settings. So… to start you put it on 3 and get moving with the trigger all the way down. For beginners I tell them to then go to Level 4 with trigger all the way down and get on your knees or stand up. Once you are standing release a little and bump up to 5 speed and then go to full speed on that level. Full trigger. That is enough speed to get up on the wing. Not having to work on your balance and while adjusting the trigger worked very well. Interested in what others think with their remotes. Looking forward to trying yours!


Is the remote firmware upgradeable? That would help if there are issues or features you want to add in the future


It’s on efoil. Alex, do you think the lock commands function need to work only when the remote turn on, or whatever time you need? For example, you have a call or meet a friend and have to stop to chat for a while in sea, then lock the throttle and then unlock to restart?

Thanks for the info. Our VX3 have low, middle and high 3 different modes for different speeds of accelleration too.

Thanks for your advice and supporting.

Thank you for your advice.

Ours coming soon, stay tune :wink:

We will set it up well before shipping, no worries.

Yes, I rented an older Lift that only had 4 speeds and as an experienced foiler felt it was adequate. I think the the fully programmable modes is perfect, but would still love to try the new version of Lift with all the extra settings.

I think that Lift went from 3 speeds to 15 with a software upgrade but I am not sure.

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One important question that was asked in the other thread but I never saw any answer to.
Is the electronic in a sealed area so it will not be exposed for water or is it like Maytech remote design so the electronic is only potted and will be exposed for water every time you fall into the water?
For esk8 potted will be enough. But for efoil use, only potted will not be enough in the long term.

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Thanks for the question. Yes the electronic parts are potted. But the glue we use is different, and the potted processing is a bit different. We have put the remote in salt water for hundred of hours testing, no water come into the electronics so far.

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Product Link FYI: 2021 Flipsky New Fully Waterproof Vx3 Remote Controller For Electric Surfboard And Electric Skateboard - Buy Remote Vx3,Flipsky Vx3,Waterproof Vx3 Product on Alibaba.com


Nice. The product tittle is " 2021 Flipsky New Fully Waterproof VX3 Remote Controller for Electric Surfboard and Electric Skateboard"
To gain a better product visibility, you could add efoil to the list: 'for Electric Surfboard, Efoil and Electric Skateboard" :wink:

Is the product user guide available ? What frequency is the remote using: 433Mhz ?

210130 remote screen

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JamieJiang => Nice a new waterproof remote.
Is it possible to use vesc tool with the receiver to program a vesc6 flipsky ?

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