Which remote to buy

Hey all.

I am in the proses of building a efoil and have got all the stuff i need (motor vesc batteries etc) but i need a remote I have been reading around on this forum and the three im looking at are the new Flipsky VX3, the maytech ip67 waterproof esurf and esk8, and the other maytech remote the ip66 water resistant esk8 remote. if i were to buy any of these i would go in and check how water proof they are and add silicone if needed. With the 3rd remote the ip66 water resistant one i would definitely have to do water proofing!

what are your opinions.

It’s all related to budget and effort

Take a look at the Volt-efoil remote… It is awesome and has full bright display even in sunlight! Shows you all data supplied by vesc…


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How much, and is it available now?

Next week, it will be available.

When’s the manta volt remote available, and price?

Thx for the suggestion! I had looked at the Bluemind, but it still isn’t available. Right now I’m leaning towards the Erayfoil remote.

Edit. I just saw your post about it being available next week! Might be a better option idk

I contacted the German reseller efoilshop.de and they said the Volt Remote V2 will be available next month for 389€ (on the Volt Website it says June 2022 and no price).
Hope that helps making a decision.

I think this remote is good because you don’t need some metr device extra.

This remote had a build in logging functionality like metr.


Thanks @nice2cu for sharing the Info :+1: It looks similar to the Volt Remote V2, but 100€ cheaper.
Sounds like a very good remote, but I personally will wait for some user feedback.

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You will get the feedback in some weeks.
I bought one

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Hey guys! Any news for alternative controls for DIY eFoil? You mentioned the Volt Remot, where can I find it for purchase? Does it communicate with VESC?

If you already build the eFoil yourself, why not also build the remote yourself? :wink: