Who have the Flite propeller? Rpm, ampers, duty cycle!

I have a very simple quastion, who have a Flite prop. How is your engine rpm in static or when you start with Flite propeller, how many amps do you need from esc and how amps from battery, how many S in the battery, how many duty cykle and what motors do you have?

Depends on the wing, conditions and how much I pull the throttle. With a 63100 outrunner on 12s, 16000cm2 RL wing, max motor current to start is between 120 and 150A, battery current around 60A. Motor current is limmited by vesc (max motor current). RPM depends on speed, before getting on the wing, it is around 2000-2200. duty cycle is between 40 and 50%.

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The motor has 135 (140) KV

There should be a log somewhere in my build.

I have tried flite vs FR

Here: Newcomer's build [Ger] + 2nd one - #216 by Ackermann

@JvdZ post #218 how did your Flite rounded blades test end up ?

No hard data available on that, but it flies nice and smooth. It is less agressive on take off compared to the unmodded flite. Because of this I assume it has a lower take off amperage on the motor.
For now it’s the most used prop by me, but I still have to test the FR-2blade I’v got recently.

That’s impressive! How did you sketch and maintain the blade outline change? Which tools for cutting and sanding? Did you just wing it or had some blade area goal?

I just wanted to release some extra amps from the blade tips. These are good voor extra punch but at the cost of starting and top amps.
Followed the blade radius/curve with a vertical belt sander and balanced afterwards. When I was satisfied with the blade shape I made a simple template to check the other two.

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Have you got sume numbers before and after?Amperes and how much top speed you lose by this change? There must be some compromise in it!

Sorry, no hard data available…