Zeeko Foil and board

Hello Experts,

I can get a zeeko foil with mast and board. Actually I am pretty excited to buy it since this could finally be the start of my project. I could save much time due to lack of foil and board build. Still I am not sure if this is the right choice for a guy like me, 198cm and 95kg (85 is target :slight_smile:). I was following this forum for longer now it is time for my first big decision.750€ for the set. Please share your thoughts on pros and cons, your support is highly appreciated. Regards Jan

For an efoil use, you can forget it. If you had been 60kg, maybe. For your size, the board AND the front wing are way too small.

Foil: you should look at a solution like the proven Gong M or L surf foil for their high lift and stability (less than 400€).
Board: try to find a 110 to 130 litres board (cut an old Windsurf or kite race board) or make your own for less than 200€ (you will need a garage or spare room).
Plus a pod (motor torpedo) to attach to the Gong mast is already available: see @Manu’s project here who cut an old Windsurf board. Hydro V1/ SSS 56104 / NEUGART PLE 40 / 12s12p 18650 VTC6 /SWORDFISH 300pro + - #30 by Manu - Builds - FOIL.zone

If you are not confident 3D printing your pod, you can order an aluminium CNC’ed one with Flying Rodeo adapted to a known mast.

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Thanks! This is the input I need. The information in this forum is quite overwhelming and it is hard to find a straight forward route. Actually I do have two old windsurf boards. Also I have a printer and a descent knowledge in electronics due to my fpv race drone hobby. A spare garage is also available. Btw Why do I need to cut the boards? I think the Tiga is around 90L and the Mistral 140L.

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Because a suitable efoil board for a beginner needs to have volume (safer to start with in case of failures, electric box waterproofness is less a pb, softer water touch downs) AND be compact.
How much: your weight kg plus 0 to 20L = board vol in L you 95L to 115L. Don’t forget you also carry 15kg of batteries, a 5 kg foil, a 2 kg motor.
Compact means:

  • short : easier to manoeuvre (less swing weight in turns) and transport
  • thick to welcome your batteries
  • wide and thick for early take off.
    Since you need a square and thick tail, the Mistral seems suited for that, slightly cut or not, I suggest cutting at the nose somewhr below and above the Mistral M to maintain the tail integrity. @Manu post above explains how to fix the US rails.

Everything is explained here where you have interesting board shaping projects (blank cost 100-130usd pre-cut)

Well suited (short, wide, thick) and cheap for our needs are the second hand (Formula) kite race boards. In the 2-page (+ 1 page for outline) list provided by PM, look at 8th column (Volume) to match your weight. The shorter (less than 1.80 or 6’), the better.


About the Gong M:

Cool! I like the way you copy/paste together the most relevant posts for me, this makes life so much easier. I am looking for a straight forward setup/guideline to get in the air quite fast. I think this could also be important for other efoil enthusiast who are just starting their career :slight_smile: Let me finish the board / foil and then go for the propulsion. I will cut the mistral board. I am sure there are tutorials on YT how do do this in a proper (and safety) way.

btw If you are going to visit Germany some day give me a call I owe you some beer for your time.

Thanks for the nice offer.
What is the Mistral board max thickness, probably mid board under the mast foot rail ?

I am on Holiday now in Italy. Let me tell you in two weeks about the board depths :slight_smile: at the moment we are at “lago di garda” which is an incredible great lake. People here are used to expensive cars and boats; nevertheless I think they would pull their smartphones if I could foil around
Regards, Jan