Cheap foil-sets from NKX

Cheap foil-sets from NKX anyone heard of these or tried them? Wich one donyou think will work best for efoil beginner?

The 1900cm2 sup is too large, the 1200cm2 surf seem to be the good compromise.
If you are in the EU, beware of the Brexit taxes if is is shipped from the UK.

Ok! Thank you!
They are not a UK-only company, they have local sites in EU.

Does anyone else have experience with this company or this brand?

Same price as RL foils efoil proven foils.

This one has a obsolete super low aspect ratio design, be aware.

2021-02 hydrofoil price survey:
NKX surf 1200cm2: 481€, RL proven 1200cm2 572€ providing you can get the 30€ mast
Gong Rise M proven 1250cm2 399€ thicker and slower than
GONG Curve MT proven 11% TR 1150cm2 519€

What does “obsolete super low aspect ratio” mean? What should i be aware about? Sounds like a bad thing for a beginner.

I dont want to go fast, i want to foil at low speeds and easy to steer.

The RL is about 100 eur more, but i could CNC the mast-plate myself.

The industry is moving towards HA wings, which are harder to make.
The surf wing seems very narrow at about 600mm and will not provide good roll stability for beginner.

Do you mean that the mast is only 620mm?

The 2018RL wing works well for others and for me as well, see here:[Surf n' Destroy] Building a flying sniper rifle case - #46 by cim96dm7

Or search the forum for it. I’d rather spend 100€ more than buying twice, it’s not cheap anyways.

not sure wich one you mean by “2018” the e-foil version released by RL in 2018?

they have only one specific efoil wing-set and that is the one linked above by SoEFoil, This one

then they have the ORCA WING great for lifting at low speeds they say, what is the dissadvatages by choosing this one for an e-foil?

Well, on their homepage they only have the large one with 1600cm2, but if you send an email to René from RL you can still order the 2018 1200cm2 wing I was referring to. Renés’s email is in the link below. They ship it with their new fuselage with slot pattern to match most masts so you can even combine it with a different mast. All Parts are sold separately.

2018 Wing: Carbon wings optimized profile for e-foils now available

Big 2020 wing: New RL efoil wing
Which wing do you recommend?

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