Electrical Help?

Hi guys - I’ve been following this link to build my own motor:

and so far so good, but I need some help when it comes to the electronics.

I have the motor, a speed controller, and a battery to begin with.

1 - how do I know which color wires from the motor go into which ESC blue wires? (does it matter?)
2- i assume the red and black from the ESC go into the battery… but what the heck are those other two connectors?
3- What is a good Remote to get, and how do I connect it to this situation?
4- what is the spare wire on the battery? I’m assuming a charger connector?
5- how do you find / where do you buy electrical connectors for these wires?

Plz talk to me as though I’m smart but clueless about this stuff…:slight_smile:

  1. Doesn’t matter, you can change the motor spinning direction with exchanging 2 wires
  2. correct, the other two are probably for powering the esc and to connect the remote should be declared in the esc datasheet
  3. check out the maytech one its pretty good, you can also support a guy here on the forum he developped his own remote with cool features, check New waterproof remote (Vincent’s build)
  4. the white connector on the battery is to observe every cell while charging or to put a beeper while using it so you know when its empty
  5. which one you mean ? google XT90, gold connector maybe this already helps

Hopefully this helped :wink:

Totally helped, thank you.

I was actually wondering about those connections on the motor. What are they called… and where can i get them so i can connect the ESC…?

And does the ESC need its own separate power supply?

thanks people!!

8mm bullet connectors for the motor
XT90 ( as 90A)

There are 2 different kinds of ESC’s some have BEC (battery eleminator circuit) and others don’t, I don’t know your specific one but the 2 cables indicate it doesn’t have it and you need to supply extra 5V to it and have the same ground potential, best check the specs of your ESC.

okay sorry it has a BEC! check this link could be helpful: SEAKING V3 User Manual & Trouble shooting - HOBBYWING North America

Yes, I really should read the f’ing manual!!! Sorry. Once i ordered the motor from China i assumed i’d be doing everything without manuals, but low and behold, there is one for the ESC!

in this case you really shoul read it! ^^ it can be dangerous and things can blow up if you do something wrong! you probably also find some helpful youtube videos!

If not too late, get a waterproof motor in the 100 to 120kv that doesn’t need a reduction gear,
Maytech 65150, HGL-Tech or Flipsky have that.

Simple projects with list of materials:
Using this waterproof motor:

Using a water cooled motor waterproofed with epoxy: