Fastly built DIY efoil?

Hi All, I’m Carlos from Spain new to the forum, I tried an e-foil this weekend for the first time and now I just want to have one for me;).

I would like to build one during this month of summer and hopefully be able to use it before the end of September, and it would be great to receive some recomendations about the most interesting builds out there to follow.

I have not experience in the build of marine electric vehicles, but I have wide experience in the field rc planes, with very powerfull electric systems with more than 10kw and 14s, and for what I have seen many components are the same, actually, its like an underwater airplane. Also, I have access to SLS and FDM printers as well as to CNC machines, that could help to create some interesting parts for the community.

I would like to build an starter configuration, not very keen on speed right know, but I would like it to be easy updatable in the future for higher speed rides as confidence grows.

Any reccomendations about the best to price wings, masts, boards, and power units would be much appreciated.

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Gong makes a good affordable hydrofoil. I’m using the Allvator Rise M kitefoil, and it seems to be working fine for efoil although a lot of guys here recommend a bigger wing. For efficiency I think a high aspect wing, like those made for pumping would be best. I’m using a flipsky 65121 inrunner and a flipsky 75100 esc with a 6" 2-blade prop, but I think most people are using the flipsky 65161 inrunner and a flipsky 75200 ESC, it has about twice as much torque as my motor, so I’m sure it makes getting up on the foil much easier. There are also a lot of guys running 6384 and 63100 outrunner motors which usually require a little modification before use. Alienpowersystem (APS) makes a 6384 outrunner with threaded holes that members of this forum have created 3d printable folding props for.

Batteries - build your own or find a used EV battery store like this one in the USA: , I’m not sure they ship overseas. I like lithium ion, but for a quick build two big 6s lipos will work.

Xt-90 connectors are good, I like the anti-spark kind, but a little difficult to solder if you haven’t done it before. You need a big soldering iron ~100w or more.

Water proof box - some guys use a pelican case, I found a cheap knockoff pelican clone ~$50 at harbor freight - a tool store in the USA

Water cooling- some guys use water cooling, so far I’ve been getting by putting an aluminum canned beverage next to my heat sink, just swap it out with a cold one if you start getting warm. Passive cooling is best in my opinion, that’s my plan for the future, aluminum box mounted to the mast to house the ESC.

If you use the flipsky VESC I’d recommend the flipsky Bluetooth module, I tried to use a cheap nrf (Bluetooth) module first and I couldn’t get it to work. You can program and monitor the ESC from your phone.

Remote- you can use a fancy remote or a regular eskate or rc car remote and put it in a rubber glove, that’s what I’m doing, cheap and effective. The fancy remotes have data displays which are nice. A lot of guys use the dongle as well to make really nice data logs of their rides.

Hi Again,
@Mattchatman, thank for your reply!

I have pretty clear the wing (GONG) and propulsion combination (65161), however I would like to receive some reccomendations about boards and low profile water-proof case for equipment, that can be inserted in the board.

I have seen that there are some inflatable boards with a big hole for equipment box out there but have not seen any place to buy them. Any help?

It is your lucky day. 100 litres only so will float if you are 70kg max.
Specs :

On sale 350€ exVAT here:

Then it is no my lucky day :sweat: My weight is 85kg

Hi Hunter,
in the following video you can see this board in action with a guy with 92 kg.

Best regards,

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I meant a standing rider on the board, no propulsion. 100L volume board = 30KG hardware + 70kg rider.
5kmh of speed is a game changer.
I think you have a new customer :wink:

yes, you are not able to stand on the board without propulsion. Even with 70 kg I would say.
We also have a BIG board with 200cm x 80cm, with this one it is possible to stand on the board.

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What do you think about this Maytech Kit?{"sku_id"%3A"12000020677211792"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!EUR!1538.95!1184.99!!!156.01!!%402100bde316612084594042595e510d!12000020677211792!sea&curPageLogUid=3i5wd9XL7ohD

Buy everything separately, it will be cheaper. The ESC is called ZTW Opto Seal 300A.


The prop is too big and not the most efficient one. Don‘t get the motor with splined shaft, the one with m8 thread is compatible with many available props. The splined isn‘t.
For the motor 120kv works well for props with 6-7“ pitch. 100kv works as well but needs a prop with 7-8“ pitch.

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Ok, Thanks. Any suggestions for an Waterproof box?

For an inflatable board?

Yes for an F2 Board.

You need to build it, there are several ways:

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You forget someone :crazy_face:

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