Flipsky 65150 160KV motor+esc combo

I’m starting my journey in efoiling, currently picking out components and the other day I came across the 65150 combo which I found very interesting especially because of it being a combo. Any thoughts? What could go wrong? Any help is appreciated.
Link[Flipsky 65150 Motor 160KV 3000W IP68 BLDC Motor / ESC 2-in-1 Combo For – FLIPSKY]

Better get the 65161, it has more torque. Take the 120kv with threaded shaft: Efoil motor FS65161 100KV 6000W 20S water proof for motorized surfboard | Flipsky.net – FLIPSKY

Edit: and skip the prop, it is useless, diameter is too big.


I am trying to do this build as budget as possible while still being ok, do you think it has so little torque that it would actually affect it being ok haha. Thanks for the answer.

Edit: I weigh 65kg if it helps…

Up to you, noone has posted test info of this new
motor with built in esc. One drop of water and it burns. 1500W continous seems at the low end.
65161 is proven design. You could also get a saite 63100:
US $195.01 12% Off | SAITE Powerful Brushless DC Motor 14S 63100 130KV 4500w for Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

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Hard to comment on given you haven’t described much about how you are going to use it or other details like board size etc.

Budget is a good thing to keep in mind but if you buy wrong the first time and then have to buy again you don’t save any money😀

I suggest you read about the successful builds here and what components went into that. There are lots of parts that have to work together well for an enjoyable experience.

Just for reference this is what I bought. Not a lot more than what you priced but it has motor, vesc and remote.


thanks so much for the replies to both of you also @Foilguy regarding the equipment is currently a 120L gong board (hard), and a beginner 1800cm^2 foil, I am also learning wingfoiling (I know you might think that this setup is way to big, that’s because it wasn’t mine in the first place). I don’t really know what you guys have to know to form an opinion, so please I am open to any suggestions. Thanks again.

Interesting that the motor has an ESC built in. However, given that they rate it at 1500W continuous and 3000W max, I think it’s probably undersized for most efoils. The motor recommendations above are the common choices that work well for efoil. I have a 65161 120kv.
Another thing to consider, the Flipsky prop does work but isn’t very good (if you search the forum you can find this sort of discussion). For a budget build, you can order a Fliteboard prop for about $35, then drill it out to 12mm fit onto the Flipsky motor shaft.


thanks for all the advice, now I have 2 questions about these choices. What would you recommend more the 100kv or the 120kv, I would guess If I am aiming for a budget battery I will take 120? The other question is the VESCs, I would take the 200A one but I don’t know which, It is not going to be water cooled, but then I got lost in the pro and pro2 variants.

See here: How to update firmware on the Flipsky 75100 & 75200 FOC ESC - The Citadel - Essential References for Esk8 - esk8.news: DIY Electric Skateboard Forums

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There are a variety of threads here from people who have decided to build an “efoil”. Some proceed cautiously doing lots of reading to find a successful build that aligns with their goal. Others leap in and start buying stuff without an overall plan.

Some want to build a full efoil modeled closely to what you could buy commercially - think Fliteboard or Lift. Their use case is mostly in fairly calm water with the motor mounted down close to the foil,

Others want a rig that is modeled after something like a Foildrive to “assist” them in wave riding, pumping scenarios. These typically have the motor mounted close to the bottom of the board as they don’t want the drag of rhe motor and prop to affect the ride.

Those use cases profoundly affect what components to purchase.

My advice again is to do lots of reading here BEFORE you buy anything.

What might be a good investment is to visit an Efoil dealer or school and have a demo-teaching session on a full efoil so you have an appreciation of what that’s like.


Max torque for this motor is way too low at 4.5Nm. It won’t work in an efoil.

Required torque for an efoil motor is around 8-10Nm. Cheapest is a 6374, this is used on foildrives but i don’t know what margins you get with it as a beginner foiler or heavier rider. Therefore this is not what i would get for a first build. For an efoil i’d get a 63100 or 65161.
Don’t buy anything from freerchobby.

First build = stick to the proven stuff = succeed

If you love it, build your second dream board. This way you’ll have a ride to soften your frustration if you run into issues on the dream board🤙

I still occasionally ride my fugly first board that was built in three weeks, at 1200USD total cost. Too many here wanted a perfect first board and got lost in building issues. It’s about the ride!


Yeah I totally agree with your mindset, I will probably buy the 65161, so I have my options open for future projects and so… thanks to all for advice.
Edit: Which 63100 would you recommend? The one from flipsky? Since it is not waterproof and I don’t know what comes with that territory, also an outrunner, so if anyone can explain that it would be very nice, thankyou.

You can get the motor made water resistant from saite. An outrunner can never be waterproof, water will enter the motor, you can treat the stator and rotor with coating and change the bearings to stainless or ceramic.


I’d get the saite linked above - if i wanted an outrunner. I don’t since i really enjoy the silence of the 65161 inrunner. All outrunners i’ve tried produce more noise and for me the silent ride is something magical.

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THe 65161 is very quiet with the flite prop. A friend who is a lift dealer commented on how silent my setiup was :wink:

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Yeah for sure I am leaning to the 65161 for now, can’t go wrong with the tested gear.

It is also a question of the esc, Lift still uses bldc, thats also a reason why they are louder. 63100 with good bearings and a quality VESC with FOC is OK, it is not as loud as a Lift.

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I think the new lifts are now foc. I also rode with a guy on a fliteboard and it was REALLY noisy.


Foildrive runs at 1350W after their initial boost. At 65kg you won’t need a lot of power if you have good technique and make a good board choice.

New question popped up, 65121 vs 65161, is 65121 worth buying or is it again just better to go for a safe option and for sure enough power.