Looking for mast clamp file for Slingshot Hover Glide Mast + Flipsky 65161 motor

I have just begun my first project and have gotten a Flipsky 65161 motor and a Slingshot Hover Glide mast - Looking for a mast clamp STL file. Does anyone have or could point me in the right direction?
I have found a few files for 65161 on the forum but not for the slingshot mast. Any help appreciated.

I just 3D printed one this week. I had to change the orientation of the print and some other things to suit my printer. I found a link somewhere that took me to Onedrive where I found more than a dozen files for the FlipSky 65161 motor. I can send you the files if you want.
Found my FlipSky 65161 100KV motor on banggood for $310.00 +tax.

Hi, yes if you could send me the files it would be of great help! I’ll dm you my email. Also got my 65161 of banggood for similar price at new year sale.

Hello Tommy, I read on this forum you have same files for this motor, as I am starting this project to can you please send this files to me?

Thanks in advance, Luis


Was wondering if you had time to print the mast clamp files I sent you?
I wanted to let you know that I have the original files before repositioning in case you needed them.
Just finished putting my 65161 together and it’s ready to mount to the mast.


Why is the Propnose so long ?

Greeting Frank

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O asking that myself too.

Hi, never received the files. Can you send again? To fred67@outlook.com.

Why is there a trailing edge narrower than the leading edge of the mast and all the other parts of the foil are designed the same way.
The answer is that it reduces the negative pressure/suction/drag as the motor moves through the water and has to fill the void left behind the prop. Less cavitation, less noise, and higher efficiency. This is a great trade off for a little more wetted surface…
Blades on the cone have a negative effect causing turbulence and reducing efficiency of the prop…

See my reply in the thread…

Sent the files again via e-mail

I also use a spinner but he is half of the length like yours:

The clamp is for a 110mm X 15mm mast. The clamp can be stretched in length in a program called Matterhackers matter control. This will give you a longer clamp on the 110mm measurement. To go wider you have to print 100% infill and remove material to fit your width or rework it in a cad program to fit your mast.

Can someone e-mail the file to meet too? I’m using the same mast and motor combo. hendi150@gmail.com

Also maybe uploading the files to thingiverse.com is a better way to share them online. No need to send email attachments.


Hi, I’ve emailed it to you now. Note that my Slingshot Hover Glide mast is 115mm so if your’s is the same you need to stretch it as per Tommy’s instructions above (I have not done that as of yet). Apart from that great fit.

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Thanks received. I uploaded them to thingiverse for ppl looking for them in the future, with appropriate credit given (I think).

If any of the original authors prefer I take it off thingiverse, I am happy to do so. Just pm me.


Thanks for uploading. Have the files been modified for Slingshot mast?

No they have not been modified

Good job. IMHO, your title and description are a a bit vague to be retrieved…

Your title: Flipsky 110mm mast clamp for eFoil Hydrofoil
Could be: Efoil mast clamp for Slingshot 110mm chord mast and Flipsky 65mm motor

This is a mast clamp that suits a Slingshot Hover Glide 110mm chord mast fitted with a Flipsky / Maytech or Reacher 65xxx waterproof motor. 65xxx can be 65161, 65152, … Credit…

Is it 2 x hex caps M6-130mm long stainless steel bolts needed to clamp them together?