Maytech Efoil-Kit - Advice for a newcomer please :)

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such a great forum. I love it!

I’m a newcomer and already overwhelmed about all the details one should know about building an own efoil. For this reason I would like to start with this Maytech Efoil-Kit, because I am not that professional as you guys are :slight_smile:

With this kit I hope that most and the hardest parts of building an Efoil is already done. But I have read that this kit has some issue which I need to be aware of:

  • Remote V2: Water Leakage (there are already some solutions in this forum)
  • Remote V2: Battery gets damaged if charged fully (any solutions for this?)

Anything else I should be aware of? And what would you recommend a newcomer regarding:

  • Batteries for this kit?
  • Fuses?
  • Safety switches?
  • etc. ?

I am appreciating every help, because I don’t want to burn that much money at the first day hehe.

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Its overpriced, not sure if that helps but in a few weeks flipsky will have a waterproof remote and they already have a proven motor and esc do you can do better for cheaper

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It actually helps. I have read that it is overpriced.

Will flipsky’s product also an “all in one” like a kit? I’m just afraid that I need to solder too much and I am not an expert when it comes to wiring diagrams :slight_smile: Oh and programming like Arduino or something would be a show stopper for me.

Do you already know, if that remote will be also able to show speed/rpm/batterey status?

Any idea, when it will be released? Few weeks like up to month or unknown?

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no1 knows the exact date or what it will have but we can safely assume its close to the maytec remote but hopefullly its more robust! We also dont know if there will be a kit but it makes sense for them to offer a deal but we will gave to wait and see and hope! If you want the best then get yourself a FR Motor and a 75/300 ESC from the Vesctool website and you’ll have no issue

When you see that :

You really wonder what is the right price …

What do you mean by that? Sorry I didn’t get it.

several offer on the market , this link to 520€ combo motor and esc, that lives 600€ for a propeller and a remote (offer on your llink by maytech)


Welcome to the forum.

I started just like you. Asking for the cheapest, easiest method, plug and play! The good news is some things can be purchased now that weren’t previously available. But it’s not cheap! The Flying Rodeo propulsion unit is ready to go. Same performance as the LIFT e-foil board. The Lift board uses 14s14p battery. So, that’s what I built. I wanted a VESC and the only one that works on 14s is the 75/300 VESC. The maytech remote sucks, but at $200 it’s not too expensive. They last a while if modified. Then you gotta decide if your gonna build your own board or not. Building the battery and the board are the biggest challenges. The easiest part of the project is the electronics. So, don’t cheap out and end up with crappy electronics. Swimming in sucks! :surfing_man:

Do not buy the maytech kit. It is super overpriced and Maytech does not have a warranty. I know from personal experience they do not stand behind their products. The best you can hope for is they offer you 10% off a replacement when the item you purchased dies after a few uses.

I have found that it is very expensive to buy parts that you don’t end up using. We all have a box or two of parts we bought and didn’t use. :sob::rofl:

Spend a lot of time reading the forum. Try to look for successful builds. Look to see what the working boards have in common. For the quickest build with the least waisted money, go with what’s tried and proven.

Check out my board build, and battery build. I’m quite happy with it.

Have fun! Happy building! See you on the water soon!



In fact, Flipsky via Alibaba is 15% cheaper than Flipsky direct:

On motor alone 399 (no prop) + ESC alone 239usd = 638usd (-42 usd via bangood)
Flipsky shop on Alibaba, same items alone: motor: 369 + ESC 190 = 559usd + shipping
With your link via 3w: 200a Single High Current Vesc6 Speed Controller + Ip68 Waterproof 100kv 120 Kv Motor 65161 For Electric Surfboard - Buy Electric Surfboard Esc,Surfboard Motor,Efoil Esc Product on

… this motor+ESC combo: 550usd+ 65usd shipping to the EU/US is a deal, you save 88usd on the same items bought via the Flipsky site !

When Maytech creates a Motor+ESC+prop combo, they charge 250USD in addition of the individual items for that :wink:

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Got it now, thank you very much!

Hey Flightjunkie!

Thank you soooo much!! For a second I was thinking, to give up before I even had started. But your response inspired me, just to start because now I have the gut feeling that people will help me out to finish the project :smiley:

Thank you for the tech. details. You and the other posters have convinced me. I will not buy a Maytech. And I think I will not buy the ready to go FR propulsion. At the end of the project I want to be able to say something like “I made this” instead “I assembled this”. I want to learn it from the scratch with all its frustration and success hehe.

I will definitely go through the entire forum and read twice before I buy anything. Further, before I place my order, I want to list it here and get it “approved” by the experts :grin:

I have already checked your board (btw. it is really beautiful!) and I guess all of your videos. Amazing! The part which irritated me was, that you don’t use a BMS?? Did I get that right?

The thing which I am kinda missing in this forum (or just not found yet) is something what pacificmeister already did. Something like a material list and photo documentation like “Connect this wire with that. Solder this, Glue that etc.”

Further I have an idea in my mind how to contribute to this forum. I need to make some tests and let you all know.

Hopefully, I will see you on the water one day :smiley:

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May I ask a silly question? Do you know by chance whether this flipsky motor/esc combo must be configured on a pc or is it already “plug n play” ?

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It is also really inexpensive.
Motor, ESC, battery and remote control under $ 500.

But that is also connected with work.
Under “Jetboard Cologne” on Facebook you will find videos of the set up.
Greetings Frank


There is nothing plug and play even, like here, if you buy a “combo”. Combined with the Maytech remote, this 200A ESC is very appreciated because you can use the VESCTool setup wizards that are well documented.
You can have a look at the full thread below. The safe recommended battery voltage is 12s. Some people use 13s but we haven’t had many feedbacks. As you can see here, Flipsky is facing some difficulties to ship all the orders.

You can follow carefully Volker’s @V_S second build using a cost effective 133usd APS 63100 (APS =Alien Power System) along with this FLIPSKY 200A ESC:

All the forum info about this 130usd motor that must be prepared for water use.

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Thank you for your reply. Ok then, seems like I need to get to know to configure the ESC via VESCTool.

Instead of custom build battery with cells etc. I was thinking about to use 2 of theseTuning 20.000 mah - 12c. I have seen that on a build here. What is your opinion about?

I will definitely go with a waterproof motor. The one from flip sky seems to to be perfect for my skills/budget.

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I would highly advise against using the 12C lipo batteries. They are not a safe option for our use. After a few uses they will become puffy and dangerous.
For a similar price you can build a 18650 pack.


I had the same (bad) experience. Spend hundreds of euro’s on several lipo’s. Used then 5 or 6 times until they started to puff badly and became VERY hot in the box of my board. For the same price I purchased the cells I needed for a good 18650 pack, which I did in the end. You need some other stuff but there is ample documentation to build these things. It is kind of fun!
Never had any issues with the 18650’s, I can pick the pack up straight after foiling as they don’t get very hot at all.


In addition to all the fail cases solved in the New 200A Vesc based Flipsky ESC thread . For a smooth and more silent running, choose FOC mode detection with sensorless motor.

hello all you legends

long time listener, first time caller

i am researching a build also but have a more immediate project which requires a some battery making skills - you guys have been pretty $%$#$ inspirational in this regard. i would be keen if any one could recommend a good seller of the samsung 30Qs, and a reco for a decent spot welder (i was thinking of a spot welding pen, but would i be wasting coin?).

the elecs are daunting but i navigate through with baby steps - carbon work is more my thing. your community here makes everything seem very doable.

thanks heaps and keep this thing going.



If you’re in Europe, the best quote should be here mentioning efoil.builder:

Here you have:

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