My first eFoil / slow inflatable build from Germany

Hello, everyone,

I also want to briefly present my project and then I have a few questions.

About my project, I am building an inflatable eFoil, from the pictures you can see my progress, which I have worked hard to achieve over the last 3 years.

Not on the pictures is my 3D printed box which which I am currently finish with a coat of epoxy and gfg.

The idea for the eFoil came to me when I came across Pacifimeister’s forum entry in 2018.
At that time some expensive components had to be used, which made the project progress very slowly for me.

Since many components now have changed and prices have fallen, I now want to slowly finish my project.

So I have a board with a box and the foil.
I’m missing everything in terms of electronics and that’s where the questions come to me. Since I regularly search the forum and always find answers that help me, I was able to reduce the components in question to:

  • motor:
    • APS C80100
    • APS 6384
    • Flipsky/Maytech/FR 6516X
  • ESC:
    • Flipsky FSESC75200
    • SeaShark 200A 5s-12s
  • Batterie:
    • ?
  • Remote
    • ?

I would like to use the C80100 and the Seashark ESC at the moment as it is the cheapest way to get this thing flying, what do you think of the components or should I rather not skimp on the ESC?

And if I use an outrunner, I know I have to improve them with epoxy and better bearings. I thought there was an instruction in this forum, but I can’t finde it. Can someone send me a good instruction for epoxying the outrunner?

Greetings from Limburg an der Lahn


Use the Alienpower 63100 motor.


Here a link to how to treat an outrunner with epoxy: Volker’s Build - 80100 18650-30Q - #16 by V_S

I can recommend a 63100 140KV from alien power, change the bearings and coat it with epoxy. I run it for quite some time (800km). You need to change the bearings from time to time, especially in salt water.

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I build the same - unfortunately it was not waterproof, so I go for the next one. I will improve this in winter.

For the remote. I used the VX3 from Flipsky which is super. But it lacks one thing compared to the Maytech: it has no relay switch. I need or for the water pump cooling. This is why I go for the Maytech in my next built.

Christof (from the Rhine river)

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why you use a pump? The flow while riding is enough to run the water trough the cooling system

Forced flow cooling : Quarantine Efoil - #19 by f16model

Also, seems like your front wing is a 500cm2 kitesurf one,
For an efoil use, OK if you are 60kg, a problem if you are 90kg.

Oh well that is good to know, I got the wing cheap, with everything I also needed, so I didn’t thought about the right size.

But I am able to print me a bigger one, so this should not be a problem.

But thank you all for your recommendations.

You could also get an RL wing from René @ a good price, should fit your fuselage. Either the 1150 or 1600 efoil wing, both work well.
See here: New RL efoil wing - #33 by kiterr