SamiSin First Build (slow)

Build is going slow but there are some information and CAD files people might find useful so I decided to document.

Motor: Flipsky 100kv

ESC: A200S
VESC has been placed in waterproof ALU box which is sitting on top of ALU plate. I uses silicon thermal pad between the VESC and the box also thermal paste between the box and the ALU plate.
I did the worst connector placing possible I have to redo this box and get a little bigger box.

Prop: is Flying Rodeo
Board: from Chinese surf board maker
Some information about the the board here

Remote & Reciever: I am building my own more information here

Chinese Foil from this Chinese Vendor
I am thinking to buy Gong L foil setup based on people comments here seems this Chinese foil is not very efficient compare to gong L

Battery: Still ongoing development waiting for the box from CNC shop.

For the BMS I am going to use Tiny BMS
I have a spare BMS in case anyone wants Free shipping world wide.

All CAD files here

The boad came with lots of issues. I had to redo the mast mount since they uses very tiny inserts which 2 of them were dead with no thread.
The lid had no rubber sealing. I ordered 0.75" oring cord from mcmaster. and used This RTV to keep it in place. This RTV isThis text will be hidden really great solution for sealing.

ESC and Battery Connectors:
Also these for communication and others:


Samisin, Thank you for the mast clamp cad files. They should save me a lot of effort. The motor front mast clamp is missing from your files. Can you also make that available? Thanks.

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Glad to be able to help. Will add that later today

where can I find these connector covers? are they waterproof?

It’s pneumatic couplers:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

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thank you very much for your answer

There’s also a lot to learn in @Frage’s implementation post where he uses clear PVC pipe for an enhanced waterproofness :

plus @mattgalic solution:
discovered here: DIY - budget - high amp waterproof connectors - #10 by mattgalic - Electronics (ESC, remote, batteries) -

IMHO, the 2 best waterproof manufactured connector covers so far… :blush:.

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Awesome product !!
May I ask how much did you pay for the board ?
Keep up the good work !

680$ plus shipping to US. They were nice to refund me 200$ because of those issues

Things are progressing. If I have to model my own fwd mast clamp its going to be ugly. Please share that part. Thanks.IMG_20200226_202203666

Added the missing files hope it is not too late.

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No, its not too late. I was happy to hear from you. I am printing the fwd mast clamp now, hollow. I had some rolls of plastic that were short lengths I want to use up. Maybe I will try to fill the hollow prints with epoxy. I already bought most of the McMaster Carr SS hardware. You have saved me a lot of trial and error.
I would like to see how you drilled your mast, from the looks of your aft mast clamp you ran all 3 phase wires down the aft channel of your mast? Can’t visualize exactly how you did it?

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Yes all 3wires thru same channel. Take a look at this picture. Not the best cut but works.


Be careful , we bent a gong mast very easily … first price mast are not that strong at all
With the space left with the wires I would slide a aluminum rod where the cut was made :wink:

Thanks guys. SamiSin thanks for the mast photo. Now I see how it goes together. I have a gong mast which is the same thing as your Chinese mast. I had your mast on my first and second build. Anyhow I am afraid that a cut that big will weaken the mast significantly. I like the mast clamp, I think I will be modifying it to allow me to use the front and back channel of the mast. I will post photos when I do it.

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SamiSin, I printed the the duct that was in your shared file for the Flipsky motor. It does not quite fit my Flipsky 65161. The bolts line up perfectly but the motor has a cone that sticks out too far. Were you able to use this duct on your motor?


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Are you sure it is not your printer tolerance? That has been designed from their drawing. If you measure the gap I will fix it. I did not print that part myself yet my fdm printer needs big maintenance

Please measure the motor con part and compare to their drawing to see if it matches

Hi buddy, could you send me a program for 3d printing this part? And what screws should I buy? (M5 x?) Thank you very much for your answer. Lucas

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use Cura