Volker’s Build - 80100 18650-30Q

Super easy and very precise.

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Super easy … I bring my pc on my board when ridding ?
I guess I need to buy a waterproof android phone and always have it on me ? Will gps speed be logged as well ?

AS far as i understood Benjamin in the Video: Not yet. But he ist working on it :blush:

GPS speed is used I think, the new features for logging look really good!

It will be logged, VESC Tool 1.23 and later keep the position service of your phone alive. You only need to make sure that the position service of the phone is activated in the settings.

There are cheap waterproof smartphone bags available. A 50$ android phone will do the job and limit your risks.

New Prop, looks very good, feels realy good, had a long ride, but no log, cause dongle wasnt connected properly :sob:
Foiling etimated 1500W / 22kph
I am sure, this ohne works better than my 145mm +10% Pitch
Created online 150mm Diameter, Pitch Ratio 1, Area 0.5, rake 8, root 7, Tip 1.4, leading edge 1.2
Afterwork in tinkercad
Anyway, ill share the stl, its for 50mm hub propmount

Logs will follow


What is the pitch of this 150mm? Or do you have a .step file of it too?

The Pitch is…
good :crazy_face:
I dont know. If I understand that propgenerater, it should be 150mm (Pitch/ Diameter Ratio 1), but i cant believe, this is correct. I think its more.

And no. I dont have any step files. Only tinkercad (stl) files.

Try this since u have it :smiley:

Ok, it truely seems to be 150mm

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Hey guys I’ve been following the propeller discussion here (and elsewhere on .builders) with interest. I’m running a similar 2 blade (the older) version and like @V_S the results are good.

My only issue, like others, is throwing blades. The plastic 3d prints do not last very long!

So just to put the idea out there would any 80100 owners be interested in a bulk purchase of a Aluminium / 316 steel DMLS / SLM propeller. Produced from a tested / refined 3d print model?
Each investor would probably need to finish / polish but could be a nice solution?

Running a single one off is too expensive, but bulk pricing for even just 2 or 5 is a bit more interesting.
Any thoughts, has anybody got any knowledge of metal 3D prints?


SS (316)

I am still optimizing.
When i am done, i think this is the way to go.

I did some calculations. 6"Pitch isnt enough. Calculated max speed would be 27kph.
Even if it efficiant, i need to raise Pitch.

It seems, many people are using and trying my props.
I optimized the prop for higher topspeed, 150mm Dia / 180mm Pitch
should be ok for 32kmh on 80kV 80100. I’ll test them next week. Metr logs will follow


VS 150 1.2 3 Blade
Ok, i could say:
I can foil with 1024W at 18kmph

Or you can look yourself at the log. The truth seems to be a bit somewhere else

I am satisfied with this one. It has lots of thrust and easy to ride.


Was that 2 or 3 Blade?

Just saw it. 3

VS 150 1.2 2 Blade
Seems to consume less, but less punch and not so easy to ride like the 3 Blade. Feels a bit “soft”

Very nice ! Prop slip seems to be around 10-15% if I am right, even less at high speed (?)

Here is another longer ride on the 3 Blade

Next test : motor in the water no prop at 18000 erpm :smile::+1: