Where to get propellers

I would like to know where you get propellers for shaftless motors such as the Flipsky 5085. I know that one has one as an option but just using that for a reference. I can’t seem to search them up on google.

You can print an adapter
Members who designed shaftless propellers
Props for 6384/74 motors no shaft
Members like @sat_be and @V_S have designed their own
'DIY 6384 Foil Drive Assist from South Germany - #205 by sat_be

Thanks for you reply but those propellers are 3D printed and not in the style I was looking for. They are attached at the end rather are like a sleeve that go over like the one on the flipsky 5085.

I see. You might know this already but one of the only guys who ever designed a prop for the F5085 is @smus for an eSup board:
June 2020 : positioning four screws on a 35mm ring:
July 2020: 'Boris' first eSUP attempt
Pointing to this prop:

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