Efoilkit.com the European FoilDrive cousin

@nicolasLGM, it seems you have a neighbour in France called Eric (obviously a forum member) who enjoyed your project.

Sold 3800€ including tax, shiping excl. no folding prop though, the free FLIPSKY prop obviously works very well :grin: he has a magnet switch on top of the box.

English version

The video was uploaded on YT in november 2022 so two months after you created your thread.


I saw the project at the same time I was building my efoil, I don’t think I gave them any inspiration, but clearly this forum has.
It’s great that people try to launch products, but this one is really too basic for the price. With 1500 euros and 2 days you can easily do the same.

(I’m sure there is a market for a concurrent of foil drive)

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