Loses signal underwater - First test: FAIL!

Hey guys -
Got my whole setup built, went out to test it today in the ocean, and the moment the battery box is under the water at all the remote loses it’s connection.
Maytech MTSKR1905WF V2 IP67 Waterproof Remote

I see others have had a similar problem.

Anyone have a solution? Is there a way to extend the antenna?

Also, does anyone know of a waterproof wired remote? My setup is different so it could actually be wired in place.

This problem is well documented and discussed in this thread. You should find your answers here.

I have a Maytech remote and use a factory Lift board, but the internal components are mine. You will have to buy an extended antenna and route it outside of your enclosure toward the nose of the board. So I drilled a hole in my enclosure with an installer bit (18") and ran the antenna all the way up the board and then used a small cable gland to keep it watertight. It’s worked like a champ!

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Yes, radio signals don’t travel in water. So the antenna of the ESC must be out of the water and probably needs an extension as mentioned by Tylerclark.

Thank you. Can anyone point me to a wired throttle option?

@Vincentbraillard produced a small batch of 433MHz remotes. 433MHz can penetrate some cm of water. Maybe he still has one to sell, see here: New waterproof remote (Vincent's build)

I sent him a message 20 days ago and got no reply.

I have this remote control for my first foil, the waterproofing is perfect and the signal goes through very well even when I am lying on the board.


I was getting pissed off with the same issue, getting thrown off the front of the board with signal dropping. That was with the extended antenna to the nose as well.
So I moved the receiver instead and kept the original antenna, it’s been night and day since with no dropping of signal to date, even when its slightly submerged.

I have one of Vincents remote and without modification my maytech remotes are better when it comes to signal strenghts.
I have no problem at all with my maytech remotes in my aluminium board with the default antenna.
With Vincents receiver I get signal in begining but after start foiling I am lossing the connection and my board continues with throttle one second before the vesc break it.
I have bought an external 433mhz antenna but have not tested it yet if it solves my problem.
My point is just that everyone thinks 433mhz is the answer to the remote problems, i would say it is not.
I think you are allow to transmit the 2.4ghz signal with more power compare to the 433mhz and that needs to be added to the calculation.

Then i am fully aware that many people have problems with maytech remotes also and needs to add extensions to get it working well, especially if you have a small board that sinks when you are on top of it.

Just wants to add my some input to everyone that think 433mhz will solve all remote problems directly.

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I have tested two 433MHz remotes so far and I had no luck with them at all. Not usable!

I don’t know about all the other people on here but after making some small mods to a remote if needed. I want to plug it in, turn it on and Fly. No excuses! No worries!

I have the Maytech remote, and added a 1.5m antenna extension to the nose of my board and now there is no signal loss. I did have signal loss issues in my initial testing without the extension. I’ve used the Maytech remote all summer long

I have also bought the Flipsky Remote. I have yet to test it.

I have also bought the erayfoil remote to test and hopefully it performs. If it does well it will be another option for DIY builders.


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Hey there @wushbush how did the erayfoil remote perform?

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