VX3 repair/ maintenance - helpful info

I’ve had a VX3 remote for over 12 months, it has been working ok, throttle response isn’t that great but it works fine for most applications.

I set it up as a temporary Remote for a Boogie for a friend while i wait for the new remote to arrive and the range was bad, and got worse and worse over 2-3 sessions.

I opened it up and noticed that the flexible antenna had lost its coating and the salt water was causing it to effectively short out.

I opened it up, coated with a thin layer of lacquer and then a thicker layer of silicone. Now it works fine. This should almost be done as a preventative maintenance for the remote before you get stuck out and need to swim in.

Seems to be working great now.


Would you have pictures of these steps ?

Sorry, but then my hands were covered in glue and sealant/adhesive.

All you need to do is seal off the exposed copper.

Surprising that they don’t just throw it in the potting, I guess it stops the signal? Maybe Ill just pot the rest of mine with normal epoxy. A little extra heft can’t be a problem.

Did you replace the rusting screws?
Can you tell which screws are these in order to order stainless steel?