Oukai Efoil board customize

So I just won this Oukai Efoil board on Auction.
Almost complete but without Motor and Mast. (Wing and fuselage is available).

I have a complete new Gong 85cm mast and Foil that I could use from my wingfoil set…
(+ including extra Curve L-T wing)

Question 1: Which motor should I use for this setup?

Question 2: remote controller is crappy 3 buttons only. Would assume this easily could be replaced with newer model?

Question 3: where can I get motor bracket for gong mast? Possible for jetthrust instead?

Any help needed from below specs.
Understand there could be new motor and new remote controller that performs better than this old system.

Thanks alot!


*Motor Propulsive System: This system is equipped with a permanent magnetic brushless motor (PMBM) and works with a bypass propeller. The motor and propeller are mounted on the vertical rod of the hydrofoil.
High efficiency BLDC electric motor: 1800W
Rotation rate : 5000 rmp

*Battery: This device is a Lithium Battery (ATJ-BMS), which provides long and powerful energy.
-Battery specification: 9 series of lithium batteries; Voltage range 27V-37.8V, Current 42Ah. The battery is installed in the sealed box of the Efoil Surfboard.
-Anti explosion button: the pointed button is for anti-explosion purposes, please don’t rotate or pull out.

Detailed pictures of all electronic parts and the labels on them would help. I don’t see an esc in the pictures?

(Take pics of esc, remote and all other components like turn on switch, relay, wiring parts and connectors etc)

Which motor mainly depends on your budget, i’d get a flipsky 65161 motor

The hopes of matching a new remote depends on what you got…

Gong mast clamps are available here on the site, which mast (v1 or v2)?

Hi Lars,
Thanks for the support on this. Appreciate it!

So I wanted to show whats inside the board. And that is a pain. Looks like it is impossible without breaking the controller inside. Check picture.
I could ask the company if they want to share the information. Or Is it something I can measure with a voltmeter?

The Controller must be in this black box with a waterproof silicone. If it breaks I would assume you change the whole unit/box.

The remote unit is located in the small black lid. Also with silicone and will properly break.
So I could try using the 3 button remote to a start.

Any ideas. Or can we find a motor that should be supported with enough power compared to standard.?

Btw, Gong mast is a V2.


Your Oukai is a Hisun board https://epoch-power.net/ that was sold under the “Waviator” brand in Germany since 2018 (efoil prehistory). Using a Maytech 3 button remote in 2021-2022, in 2023, they are using a Flipsky VX3 one

Their current Alibaba page with prices where you could ask for spare parts…
including their 2023 model in EPP (Waydoo look alike) for 3100usd

The forum search function: 32 hits
'Search results for 'hisun' - FOIL.zone

A couple of threads could be helpful:
Aug 2022: @EdwinOlding tried to fit a Maytech V2 remote:
'Hisun Alibaba E Foil Repair- Maytech V2 Upgrade

Feb 2020: @pacificmeister et al tried to tweak the remote receiver :
'Hisun efoil remote mods anyone?

Dec 2020: @mattgalic tried to equip a bare board with a Gong foil:
'Matt's 1st build, France - #16 by mattgalic

Today, if you use your battery (needs to be tested) + Gong foil the best option to equip this board is probably a Hobiba all-in-one kit with a 65161 motor and with their new remote when we know the price :
'All in One efoil kit from Hobiba

I think you shouldn’t recommend this kit to a newbie, not a single person here has tested it or seen it in the wild. It’s a gamble, more fit for someone that has experience.

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That is the controller casing so don’t open it. I guess your best bet might be to replace both esc and remote

HOBIBA has designed it and is selling it as the first “plug and play” kit, tested individually as a whole before shipping.
Not saying the first shippings will be perfect but after 10-20 sold kits, they might succeed and be perfect for newbies. Let’s wait and see…

many companies sell many things, doesn’t mean they’re good or recommendable to everyone. Right?

You’re right, on the paper everything is possible. I’ll be keeping a close eye on the first installations :wink:
The unknown is wether they’ll be able to produce a waterproof remote right first time… :thinking:

Hi SoEFoil,
This helped me a lot about understanding where to board is from and hiw complicated those parts is when totally stucked together with epoxy.

To be hornest, I think all the parts are working. So what I need is motor that fits whatever to can work with the speedcontroller. :smile:

Thanks for all the good info.

Thanks for all the good information.
Getting more knowledge. :smile:

So which motor will then fit this unknown speedcontroller. I would assume that it is limited to that controller.


It’s impossible to say in general. A generic ESC can work with many motors, sometimes it’s as easy as connecting, sometimes you need to change the ESC timing and/or switching frequency (if you can program it). Sometimes neither works.

If you can find someone that already did it then congratulations :slight_smile:
I’d try to message the people with this board and ask some questions what they think. I read in one of the threads that their board was underpowered, if so you might want to check if this is due to the battery or ESC or motor to know what’s the best route ahead.

Hi Lars,
I can see that it would maje more sense to replace everything.
Want to keep the battery and charger.

Anything we can use from these specs regarding battery?

Battery charge time : 7 hours
Battery time with average speed : 60 minutes
Powerful lithium battery ( 42 Ah ) : rechargeable
Voltage : 36V
High efficiency BLDC electric motor: 1800W
Rotation rate : 5000 rmp


Btw, after a lot of research I can conclude that these HiSun/Oukai efoils is using ebike speed-controllers. One mayor reason it is difficult to connect a new remote, instead of this 3 button only-remote.

It does not make sense for me to stay with the unstable chinese brand. But makes sense to get some replacement from maytech or flipsky.
Not sure if battery is good enough?
Does this make sense.:? 10S-42ah-36v
And is that good enough?

I would offer a suggestion that might save you some $

I would confirm that the hatch and the battery compartment are “waterproof”. Temporarily seal the area where the mastbase attaches and submerge the board in a manner that puts your body weight on the hatch as it would be if you were foiling.

If there is leak you can make an informed decision on how much $ you want to put into this.

That’s a solid tip, although fixing a leak won’t necessarily need to be hard. Battery issues on the other hand… this is the biggest questionmark. If the battery is a dud then fixing it will be complicated or expensive.

Thanks for the tip.

Battery compartment is sealed.

ESC (ebike controller) is not sealed.
Small hole from the mast where water reach the black-box for cooling.

I really want to check if stuff is working.
So will start everything up with a ebike motor.

If stuff is working then I would need to find a working motor.

I’m a bit confused on how much money I would need to spend on everthing is battery is also an issue. Then it does not make sense to keep.
Then there is just the board left.

A few thoughts

If the board is waterproof and can easily accommodate your Gong mastbase (possibly through an adapter plate) you have something that is somewhat comparable to a large Fliteboard.

Thats several thousand euro right there.

You can put a small load on your battery pack and charge and drain it a few times while checking frequently with a multimeter to get an idea if it’s a reliable power source. This also confirms that the power supply is working correctly. If it’s good then you have a viable power source. Perhaps not optimal for performance or range but enough to get foiling with.

Buying a motor, prop, Vesc and controller are designed to work together and some misc items is likely 1K euro. I would suggest you consider a combo such as 65161 motor, 75200 VESC and a Flipsky VX3 or perhaps a build it yourself remote that are all well documented on the forum.

The constraint would be a getting a VESC a that will fit in the compartment in the board.

So assuming you have a viable board and battery you have the auction $ you paid and another 1K euro as opposed to a 10K euro commercial solution.

The DIY process is fun if you are so inclined so there is that value as well.

No, it doesn’t really. To get up at 10s you’d need something like 80-100A battery current. If it’s not capable of that then it won’t work.